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Obituaries 1929


In this section are lists of obituaries that appeared in the Pudsey & Stanningley News. The lists appeared in the last issue of the year and contained names for whom obituaries had appeared in the newspaper that year, though possibly only a selection appears, rather than a comprehensive list.. Only a few years are currently available so far, but the list will be added to.

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Maria Exley (90) Pudsey
William Boyes (93) Horsforth, native of Pudsey, who signed the pledge in 1844
John Rhodes (90) Pudsey
Mary Wilkinson (95) Horsforth
Harriet Bradshaw (90) Harrogate , formerly of Bramley

Emma Parker (84) Pudsey
Andrew Harrison Oldfield (80) Pudsey
Harriet Cordingley (84) Horsforth
Elizabeth Moorhouse (80) Farsley
Cornelius Metcalfe (86) Woodhall Hills
John Teesdale (89) oldest man in Farsley
Mrs John Chester (81) Calverley
Isaac Haley J.P. (85) Llandover, Wales, formerly of Bramley
Henry Lumby (81) and his wife Mary, of the same age, Pudsey, died within a week of each other
Ellen Varley (81) Bramley
Labron Riley (81) Horsforth
Thomas Appleyard (86) Bramley contractor and his wife Elizabeth, also 81 years of age

Emma Ratcliffe (85) Pudsey
Eliza Thompson (88) Bramley
Elizabeth Booth (80) Morecambe, native of Pudsey
Mary Craven (87) Pudsey
Annie Dawson (84) Pudsey
Frances Jane Slater (89) Leeds, late of Farsley
Ann Spencer (81) Pudsey
Martha Crowther (86) Gildersome
Alfred Haigh (84) Bramley
Ellen Hudson (82) New Farnley
Ann Jowett (84) Gildersome
Mary Ann Pullan (83) Eccleshill, native of Rodley
John Thomas Hudson (87) Pudsey
Sarah Varey (84) Pudsey
Elizabeth Greaves (87) Pudsey
Hannah Dickenson (83) Pudsey
Charles Stephenson (84) Pudsey
Annie Webster (80) Pudsey
William Bramley (81) Fulneck
Martha Clough (80) Sheffield, native of Bramley
Henry Stansfield (89) a founder of Mount Tabor Church, Pudsey
Thomas Holliday, Farsley
Ellen Smith (80) Pudsey
Eliza Grimshaw (85) Rawdon
Eliza Maria Hicks (82) Pudsey
Elizabeth Fox (87) Horsforth
Tom Henry Pearson (80) Bramley
Ruth Knapton (80) Stanningley
Henry Carrick (85) Stanningley
Samuel John Hainsworth (81) Morecambe, native of Farsley
Martha Ross (85) Rodley
Ruth Baldwin (81) Pudsey
Sarah Ann Dobbs (83) Nottingham, native of Stanningley
Benjamin Davey (80) Stanningley
Agnes Hudson (81) Rodley
Margaret Ann Wilcock (81) Pudsey
Charlotte Haigh (83) Bramley
Handassah Buckle (87) Farsley
William Bretherick (81) Bramley
Edwin Owthwaite (81) Bramley
Sarah Mann (82) Stanningley
Etta Allerton (88) Pudsey
John Ruone (81) STanningley
William Brown (81) Scarboro', formerly of Bramley
Maria Colclough (85) Pudsey
Sarah Jane Ingham (80) Stanningley, a pathetic incident was that her sister,
Martha Stubbs (75) Pudsey, while on her way to see her just before she died, herself collapsed and died near the house
Jane Elsworth (86) Horsforth
John William Pawson (81) Farsley
John Walker Greaves (86) and his wife, Elizabeth (79) died on the same day at Pudsey
Margaret Richardson (89) Bramley

John Balmforth, Rodley
Melita Baxter, Bramley
William Elliot Earnshaw, landlord of the Ivy Hotel, Pudsey
David Millown, Pudsey
Robert Webster, Garforth, late of Pudsey
Arnold Gott, Farsley
Andrew Haslam, Horsforth
Ellen Hollings, Calverley
Lydia Thornton, Farsley
Mrs Jowett Kendall, Bramhope, late of Pudsey
Arbo Brooke, Gildersome
Matt. Dixon, Gildersom
Mary Exley, Pudsey
Absalom Wade, Brockley, native of Farsley
Hannah May Coates, Pudsey
Mrs H. Webster, Pudsey
Emma Trueman, Farsley
Henry Lister, Roundhay, head of Troydale Mills, Pudsey
Mercy Jane Orange, Pudsey
Martha Jennings, Bramley
J. W. Wright, Horsforth, for half a century clerk at Tetley's Brewery
Hannah Maria Brearley, Pudsey
Ann Crampton, Burnley, native of Pudsey
Martha Galloway, Pudsey
Mary Sophia Newell, Leeds, formerly of Pudsey
William Semper, Rawdon, well-known P. and O. Division Conservative
Sarah Louisa Spencer, Pudsey
Margaret King, Bardsey, formerly of Stanningley
John Thomas Crampton, Yeadon, late of Pudsey
Alice Davey, Farsley
Mary Jane Fisher, Pudsey
Hannah Laycock, Pudsey
Eliza Barran, Stanningley
Thamar Thomas Rangdale, Farsley
Emily Roger, Pudsey
Joseph Emsley, Pudsey
Thomas Tann, Stanningley
Elizabeth Ambler, Pudsey
Mary A. Craven, Calverley
Joseph Hawkes, Bramley
Mercy E Hinnings, Rodley
William Martin, Horsforth
Samuel Musgrave, Bramley
Eliza Sykes, Bramley, formerly Pudsey
James Jepson Binns, organ builder, Bramley
James Busfield and his wife Sarah died within a week of each other
Eliza Baker, Stanningley
Josephus Bramfitt, Sydney, Australia, late of Farsley
Martha Bridge, mother of the Rector of Stanningley
Dixon Holgate Denton, Bramley
Joseph William Emsley, Pudsey
Ann Neagle, Pudsey
Sarah Myers and Ada Myers, Leeds, sisters, late of Bramley, were buried at the same time
Jane Smith, Pudsey
J. Driver, Pudsey
Ellen Fryer, Farsley
Sarah Holdsworth, Moreton, native of Farsley
Sarah Jeffery, Calverley
Alfred Johnson, Bramley
Louisa Sugden, Bramley
Richard Thomas, Rodley
Allan? Twyford, Pudsey
William Shaw Waterhouse, Bramley
John Robert Busfield, Thornbury, late of Farsley
Sarah Ann Lord, Rodley
James Joseph Arundale, Stanningley
Henry Atkinson, Morecambe, native of Calverley
Annie Haley, Bramley
Sarah Johnson, Pudsey
Joseph Jones, ex-Borough Surveyor of Pudsey
Elizabeth Parkinson, Stanningley
Walter Barnes, Pudsey
John H. Scott, Pudsey
Richard Watson Selby, Stanningley
Joseph Horatio Dean, Stanningley
Arthur Lambert, Bramley contractor
George Gaunt, Pudsey
T. H. Greenwood, Pudsey
John Ramsden, Pudsey manufacturer and Conservative
Ellen Heaton, Huddersfield, late Pudsey
John Whitley, Horsforth, 60 years member of Bramley Church choir
Pauline Gambles, Morecambe, formerly Pudsey
Hannah Stead, Pudsey
James Cawthray Armitage, Lower Wortley, native Pudsey
Eva Clayton, Pudsey
Joseph Ackroyd, Pudsey
Rev. Arthur Harrison, retired Baptist minister, Bramley
Mrs G. Foyle, Grimsby, formerly Bramley Brunswick worker
Mary Berry, Pudsey
Mary Ann Bretherick, Pudsey
Mary Ann Booth, Wimbledon, late Rodley
Henry Edward Vickers, Harrogate, formerly Pudsey
Emily Haw, Farsley
Mary Turner, Rodley
Selina Clegg, Pudsey
Abraham Guy, Bramley
Sarah Ann Ackroyd, Pudsey
Benjamin Wadsworth, Farsley
Hannah Maria Smith, Morecambe, native of Farsley
George Henry Shaw, trustee of Pudsey Trinity Church
Sarah Marshall, Stanningley
Sarah Mallinson, Pudsey
Jane Barnes (Rushworth), Stanningley
Elizabeth Savage, Rodley
Harriet Firth, Bramley
Hugh Holliday, Farsley
Christopher Atkinson, native of Calverley, died at sea on a visit from Australia
James Goodaire, Greengates
William Norton, Pudsey
William Claridge, Thackley
Joseph Mathers, Rodley
Robert Archer, Horsforth
Charles Green, Stanningley
Sarah Ann Busfield, Leeds, native of Farsley
Ruth Ann Chapman, Bramley
William Danby, Bramley
Ann Cawthray, Pudsey
Ellen Rhodes, Pudsey
Albert Webster, Pudsey
Hannah Cook, Bramley
Phoebe Hetherington, Bramley, belonging to Blackpool
Mrs Paterson, Morley, native of Bramley
Benjamin Armitage, Pudsey
Florence Margerison, Calverley
Martha Elizabeth Croft, Pudsey
Jane Lynch, Pudsey
William Clayton, Eleven Lane Ends P.M. worker
Emma Hobson, Stanningley
Sarah Ingham, Pudsey. native of Farnley
Mary Cawson, San Francisco, formerly of Farsley
Harry W. Troth, Greengates, formerly of Calverley
Sophia Cowling, Calverley
Elizabeth Burnley, Scarboro', native of Pudsey
Amelia Sutcliffe of Bradford, native of Bramley
Charles Burnett, Stanningley
Annie Goodson, Bramley
John Verity, Stanningley
Mary Ann Dowgill, Farsley
Emma Grimshaw, Rodley
Charles Harrington Reynolds, a former Pudsey actor
John William Illingworth, Rodley
Edward B. Raistrick, died suddenly in a Pudsey shop
Sarah Jackson, Bagley
Hannah Maudsley, Pudsey
W. H. Mitchell, Burley-in-Wharfedale, native of Pudsey, noted Bradford woolman
Susannah Barrett, Calverley
Samuel Lax, Pudsey

Andrew Driver, Pudsey
John W. Knaggs, Doncaster, formerly Pudsey
George Brook Oddy, Bramley
Frank Sykes Pritchard, Pudsey
Arthur Strickland, London, native of Pudsey
Elliott Hinchliffe Walker, Australia, native of Pudsey
John Thomas Lawson, Pudsey
Frederick Tonge, Pudsey
James Albert Woodhead, Pudsey
Jane Wade, Stanningley
Lewis Burton, Stanningley
William Yorke, Farsley
John William Brook, Bradford, native Stanningley
Mary Rankin, Pudsey
George Sampson, Pudsey
Arthur C. Moss, Pudsey
Walter Gaunt, Farsley
Harry Walton, Farsley
Elsie Lucas, Stanningley
John William settle, Horsforth
Sarah Maud, Horsforth
John Edward Ackroyd, Stanningley
Benjamin Siddle, Farsley
Frances Driver, Pudsey
Gaunt Ellis, Bramley
Willliam Milner, old Pudsey cricketer
Hugh Norton, Pudsey
Rebecca Teale, Pudsey
Abraham Maurice Joel, Bramley sportsman
Basil Edward Clapham, Rodley
Margaret Slingsby, Pudsey
Hilda Hewitt, Pudsey
Jos. Barraclough, Pudsey
Reggie Pickles, Pudsey
June Mary Ackroyd, Horsforth
Florence Bottomley, Leeds, native of Stanningley
Hilda Lishman Gawthorpe, Bramley
Victor Connew, Bramley
William Cressey, Pudsey
Joseph Hainsworth, Stanningley
Mary Hinchliffe, Pudsey
Alice Keighley, Farsley
Martha Laycock, Farsley
Henry Sutcliffe Myers, Rodley
Angelina Peake, Pudsey
John Russell, Pudsey
Annie Walker, Farsley
Frank Lewis Ackroyd, Calverley
Anna M. Bellwood, Stanningley
Samuel Crowther, Keighley, late of Pudsey
Rachel Ellen Hainsworth, Farsley
Annie Hudson, Pudsey
Sarah Elizabeth Marshall, Calverley
Harriet Rider, Rodley
Clara Webster, Farsley
Albert Wheatley, Stanningley
George Smith, Stanningley
Alice Naylor, Pudsey
Benjamin Tidgewell, Pudsey
Jos. Sydney Roo, Bramley
Benjamin Swaine, old Bramley footballer
Margaret Oddy, Pudsey
Hugh Wade Armitage, Rochdale, nayive of Pudsey
Ann Davis, Roehampton, native of Pudsey
Edith Annie Fisher, Farsley
Benjamin Grayshon, Drighlington
Sarah Grange, London, native of Pudsey
Amy Holdsworth, Bramley
John Marshall, Stanningley
Simeon Moss, Pudsey
George Brown Rawling, Bramley
William Arthur Rhodes, Rodley
Joseph Strickland, Stanningley
Hannah Stephenson, Pudsey
Frank Thrippleton, Hindley, native of Pudsey
Patrick Fleming, Pudsey
Annie Coggins, Stanningley
Sarah Wood, Farsley
Margaret Ann Armison, Pudsey
William Henry Brown, Pudsey
Joseph Harold Brown, Calverley
Mary Cooper, Pudsey
Martha Ann Hainsworth, Farsley
Alfred Holmes, Pudsey
Edmund Mann, Stanningley
Annie Myers, Farsley
Granville Ernest Selby, Stanningley
Thomas Tabiner, Stanningley
Sarah Ann Woodcock, Stoke, late Rodley
Katherine Day, Bramley Liberal worker
Ernest George Chilard, Calverley
Annie Elizabeth Martin, Pudsey
Jane Ann Farrer, Leeds, formerly Pudsey
Walter James Whitey, Pudsey
Charlotte Louisa Wright, Pudsey
Ada Hardaker, Rodley
Elsie Birk, Stanningley
Mary Jennings, Farsley
Walter Arthur Barrand, Horsforth, son of former M.P. for Pudsey
Thomas Benn, Leeds, formerly Pudsey
Albert Banks, Horsforth
Herbert Goodall, Blackpool, native of Pudsey
Thomas Charles Pedley, Frizinghall, formerly Bramley politician
Annie Tate, Bramley
William Campbell Blackie Coates, Bramley
James Brook, Pudsey
Eva Haley, Pudsey
Henry Lovett, Bramley
Mary Marsden, Bramley
Marion Merritt, Pudsey
Hannah Pontefract, Pudsey
Emma Sedgwick, Philadelphia, formerly Bramley
Albert Armitage, Farsley
Victor A. Tattersall, Horsforth
Fred Darnborough, Stanningley
Emily Wood, Stanningley
John William Claughton, Manchester, formerly Stanningley
Albert Parker, Morecambe, Pudsey manufacturer
Frederick W. Turner. Harrogate, native of Greengates
John Nimino, Farsley
Mary Fryer, Farsley
Alfred Leather, Shipley, 40 years with E. Woodhouse & Co, Farsley
Annie Maria Sugden, Calverley
Emily Booth, Horsforth
Hannah Clarkson, Pudsey
Sarah Dredge, Stanningley
Fred Ogden, Pudsey
William Partridge, Pudsey
Bertram Oldfield, Farsley
William Gledhill North, Bramley
John Alfred Wood, carriage proprietor, Pudsey
Annie James, Cannes, native of Pudsey
Mary Hainsworth, Pudsey
Israel Busfield, Farsley
Arthur Myers, Farsley
Hannah Fell, Rodley
Mary Holliday, Gildersome
Sarah Bonner, Stanningley
Ernest Beach, Stanningley
Lucy Caroline Booth, Horsforth
Mary Ferguson, Bramley
Margaret Ellen Woodhouse, Cottingham, formerly Calverley
Elizbabeth Haigh, Farsley
Fred Walton, Rodley
Herbert Webster, Pudsey merchant
Arthur Binns, Bradford, late Pudsey
Albert Edmund Brown, Farsley, past president of the Chrysanthemum Society
Rev. William Tomlinson Forster, vicar of Pudsey for two years, whose funeral was attended by two thousand people
Walter Procter, Ardsley, native of Pudsey
Sarah Ann Crier, Pudsey
Edward Milner, Pudsey
Martha Skinner, Stanningley
Hannah Busfield, Farsley
Harriet Beaumont, Pudsey
Martha Thrippleton, Bramley
Joshua James Dixon Cart, Rodley
Hugh Alexandra Abel, Rodley
Harry Crowley, Pudsey
Joseph Sugden, old Pudsey footballer
Mary Arundale, Pudsey
Ann Eliz. Hainsworth, Oldham, late Pudsey
Lilian Lambert, Stanningley
Frankland Shepherd, Stanningley
John Henry Wilson, Pudsey
John Bradley, Calverley
Eva Barker, Bramley
James Arthur Fryer, Bramley
Harold Austin, Pudsey
Cecil Howard Burton, Pudsey
Richard Grunwell, Rodley
Ruth Hyland, Pudsey
Charles Greenwood, Bramley
Ruth Etta Buckton, Pudsey
Geo. Henry Shaw, Pudsey
William Knowles, Bramley
Annie Skirrow, Bramley
Albert Hy. Raistrick, Pudsey
Hannah Eliz. Barnes, Stanningley
Sarah Singleton, Stanningley
Margaret Brayshaw, Calverley Bridge
John Wilcock, at Boston, U.S.A., wool-merchant, interred at Pudsey Cemetery
Orlando Kellet, Gildersome
Horace Ackroyd, Calverley
Thomas Banks Potts, Bradford, Pudsey manufacturer
James William Walker, old Farsley Baptist choirmaster
Victor William Wood, Farsley
Lilian Chipchase, Farsley
Harry Hawkshaw, Gildersome, formerly Pudsey
Rebecca Harrison, Pudsey
Sam Worth, Bramley
John Jackson, Pudsey
Daniel Walker, Pudsey
Abraham Illingworth, Pudsey
Albert Dowgill, Farsley
Eva Luty, Hunslet, late Stanningley
Emma Baxter, Bramley
Emma Eliza Matthewman, Bramley
Margery Busfield, Farsley
Harold A. Grimshaw, Geneva, head of the Native Labour Department of the International Labour Bureau
John Thornton, Huddersfield, native of Pudsey
Ann Dean, Calverley
William Victor Cannon, Pudsey
Edward O. Hanson, Pudsey
John Wilson Lavender, a Pudsey postman
John Green, landlord of the Commercial Hotel and a former St. Lawrence cricketer
Harriet Bellhouse, Farsley
Charles Henry Barker, Bramley
Samuel Marston, Bramley
John Edward Carr, Bradford wool merchant, died at Farsley
Dr. John T. Brabner-Smith, died in America, native of Bramley
Mabel Middleton, Bramley
John Booth Dufton, Pudsey
Robert Dixon Day, Pudsey
Henry Womersley, Rawdon, native of Pudsey
Irwin Smith, Farsley
Harold Clifford Stead, Horsforth
Donald Atkinson, Pudsey
Rella Dredge, Pudsey
John Alfred Dixon, Bramley
Alice Stead, Stanningley
Mary Ellen McDonald, Pudsey
Mrs J. W. Wood, Farsley
Nellie Atkinson, Rosyth, native of Pudsey
Emily Brook, Pudsey
William Henry Maudsley, Stanningley
Beatrice Roberts, Pudsey
Stead Hinchliffe, Bramley
Sam. Warrington and William Procter old pals who died at St. Mary's hospital the same day at the same age
Lambert Bedford, landlord of the Waterloo Hotel, Pudsey
Blanche Maria Brocklebank, Horsforth
Rose Ellen M. Frudd, Pudsey
Harriet Haynes, Farsley
James William Jackson, Pudsey
Lewis Tidswell, Pudsey
Lavinia Banks, Stanningley
Simeon Overend, Farsley
Betsy Ann Bailey, Bramley
Rev. David Cowling, Eppleton, Durham, a former Vicar of Gildersome
Ada Goddard, Pudsey
Fred Turner Hainsworth, Armley, native of Farsley
Ethel Saville, Farsley
Florence Ray, Bramley District Nurse
John Daniel Jones, Stanningley
Sarah Barnes, Pudsey
Esther Farrer, Pudsey
Edith Glover, Pudsey
Robert Shires, Rodley
George Hy. Jackson, South Shields, native of Rodley
Phoebe Harwood, Stanningley
Elsie Riley, Stanningley
Mary Wills, Pudsey
Harriet Wypp, Stanningley
Mary Annie Duffield, Farsley
Ellen Knowles, Pudsey
Nellie Towler, Leeds, native of Pudsey
Thomas Walsh, Pudsey
Mrs Inkerman Hobson, Stanningley, native of Pudsey
Ernest Brittain, Bramley
Geo. Robert Armison, Pudsey
William Arthur Entwistle, Calverley
Ethel Ann Rawson, Thornbury, native of Pudsey
Ethel Mary Whitaker, Horsforth
Isabel Claughton, Horsforth
Dawson Sutcliffe, Ostend, native of Pudsey
William Edward Lawson, Farsley
William Procter, for 20 years Parish Church choirmaster and conductor of the Glee Union
Sarah Dufton, Pudsey
Joshua K. Wilson, Stanningley
Norman Beardsell Clarke, Farsley
Thomas Henry Bennett, Pudsey
Alice Maud Grimshaw, Calverley
Lawrence Goodall, Pudsey
Rosa Isles, Pudsey
James Herbert Learoyd, Stanningley
Ethel Springthorpe, Pudsey
Joseph Edward Trickett, Bramley
Thomas William Wallbank, Dacre
Thompson Spavin, Stanningley
Miranda Ward, Stanningley
Harold Broadbent, Pudsey
Joshua Walker, Louth, left Pudsey 38 years ago to become shop manager for Salter & Salter
William Reddyhoff, Bramley F.C. supporter
Eric Horsfall, Farsley
John Richard Birks, headmaster of Primrose Hill Council School, Pudsey
William Galloway, Pudsey
Benjamin Hanson, Farsley
Alfred Robinson, Farsley
May Elizabeth Sugden, Pudsey
Lily Wade, Farsley
Frances Wade, Pudsey
Hannah Pickard, Farsley
Mrs Allan Beach, Calverley
Luther Driver, Rodley
George Herbert Grundy, Stanningley
James Edwin Hobbs, Pudsey