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Obituaries 1935


In this section are lists of obituaries that appeared in the Pudsey & Stanningley News. The lists appeared in the last issue of the year and contained names for whom obituaries had appeared in the newspaper that year, though possibly only a selection appears, rather than a comprehensive list.. Only a few years are currently available so far, but the list will be added to.

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Katherine Kilburn, Calverley
Mary Powell, Bramley
Sarah Ann Haley, Bramley
Mary Buckton, Pudsey
Joseph Armitage, Pudsey
Sarah Grainger, Rodley
Lick Elizabeth Booth, Rawdon, formerly Gildersome
Betsy Simon Waddell, Bramley
William Fletcher, Bramley
Sarah Dowgill, Farsley

Thomas Dawson, Pudsey
John S. Forward, Farsley
Robert Preston, Horsforth
Thomas Bates, Bramley
Lottie Gregson, Pudsey
Stephen Marshall, Gildersome
William Midgley, Armley, native Bramley
Sarah Milner, Pudsey
Mrs R. Collier, Ben Rhydding, formerly Calverley
Joan Isabel Young, Harrogate, formerly Bramley
Emma Ellis, Bramley
Johannah Booth, Bramley
Dennis Lawless, Bramley
Ann Preston, Pudsey
John Ward, Bramley
Ann Eliz. Sutcliffe, Hopton, formerly Farsley
Hannah Maria Johnson, Farnley
Mary Verity, Pudsey
Priscilla Scarfe, Pudsey
Rev Geo. Basil MacLeavy, Mirfield, formerly Fulneck
Job Avery, Wyther
Maria Beaumont, Pudsey
Eliza Overend, Farsley
William Bretherick, Rodley
Roger Wilson Marshall, Leathem, formerly Bramley
Eliz. Barrett, Stanningley
Mary Winn, Farsley
Eliz. Barker Hainsworth, Bramley, native Stanningley
Hannah Holgate, Bramley
Eliz. Hinchliffe, Pudsey, late of Dorset
William Sutcliffe, Pudsey
Ruth Ann Binns, Bramley
Jane Wilcock, Farsley
Eliz. Jane Brownhill, Rodley
Georgina Hollings, Calverley
Emma Merritt, Pudsey
Hannah Wilson, West Bowling, formerly Pudsey
Sarah Maria Fawbert, Thornbury
Annie Eliz. Woodhead, Bramley
Mrs Silas Walmsley, Scalby, formerly Pudsey
Overend Brown, Stanningley
Annie Jane Jones, Pudsey
Martha Knapton, Stanningley
Marshall Rayner, Bradford
Matthew Skelton, Bramley
William Cobbett Simpson, Farsley
Patrick Lynch, Pudsey
Harriet Emma Harrison, Pudsey
Geo. Nowell Judson, Leeds
Nancy Myers, Pudsey
Caroline Benn, Bramley
Elijah Grimshaw, Farsley
Sarah Ann Cartledge, Bramley
Jane Rudd, Pudsey
John Ringrose, Stanningley
John Shaw, Armley
Tom Sutcliffe, Pudsey
Jesse Barson, Bramley
W. Ingham, Stanningley
Alfred Myers, Calverley
Edward Farrer, Calverley
Grace Marshall, Calverley
Hannah Eliza Trickett, Leeds, formerly Barmley
Sarah Jane Wood, Knaresborough, formerly Pudsey
Samuel Wilkinson Brearcliffe, Calverley
Sarah Brown Mountain, Bramley
Mary Jane Gaunt, Pudsey
Thomas Lee, Rodley
Catherine Smart, Bramley
Barran Craven, Pudsey, formerly Guiseley
Mary Ann Raistrick, Pudsey
Eliz. Sykes, Farsley
David Wilson, Leeds, formerly Pudsey
Louisa Hannah Knott Bilbrough, Southport, formerly Horsforth
Frederick Christian Beermann, Pudsey
Eliz. Thornton, Pudsey
John Davison, Eccleshill, formerly Calverley
Samuel Kirk, Bramley, native Calverley
Mary Naylor, Stanningley
Nancy Halliday, Pudsey
Mary Hainsworth Keighley, Farsley
Hannah Sophia Parratt, Stanningley
Mellissa Firth, Calverley
Eliza Mawson, Stanningley
Ann Walker, Pudsey
Elizabeth Welburn, Bramley
Joseph Fenton, Farsley
William Pickard, Farsley
John Riddiough, Fulneck
Sarah Ann Bailey, Swinton, formerly Bramley
John Keighley, Farsley
Maria Musgrave, Rodley
Frances Mary Spencer, Stanningley
John Keighley, Farsley

Elizabeth Jane Booth, Bramley
Laura Robinson, Bramley
Eliza Dawson, Thornbury
Mary Maudsley, Farsley
Frederick Smith, Farsley
Thomas Mitchell, Farsley
Edward Tinsdill Appleyard, Pudsey
William Bell, Gildrsome
Brook Threapleton, Pudsey
Martha Wilks, Pudsey
Matthew Mitchell, Bramley
Nathan Hird Wilson, Bramley
Fred Smith, Farsley
Geo. Pickersgill, Pudsey
John Briggs, Rodley
Mary Sugden, Bramley
Harris Rayner, Stanningley
John Warwick, Cark-in-Cartmell, formerly Farsley
Mary Hamer, Bramley
John Henry Luty, Hunsley, formerly Stanningley
Ellen Pullan, Bramley
Carr Dixon, Bramley
Joseph Greaves, Pudsey
Mary Jane Lancaster, Bramley
Emily Pilley, Calverley
Mary Ann Spence, Bramley
Arthur Robinson, Pudsey
Annie Calverley, Morecambe, formerly Farsley
Mary Dyson, Stanningley
Abraham Cooke, Bramley
Thompson Sugden, Bramley
Harry Birdsall, Stanningley
Sarah Ann Webster, Bramley
Robert M. Sagar-Musgrave, Shadwell, native Bramley
Harriet Daniel, Pudsey
Lavinia Gaunt, Pudsey
Mary Ellen Phillips, Bramley
Eliz. Sewards, Maltby, formerly Pudsey
William Shaw, Rodley
Sam Wood, Farsley
Ann Jane Atkinson, Bramley
Jarvis Dearnley, Bramley
Rose Hutton, Pudsey
John Gordon, Farsley
Richard Waite, Bramley
Alexander Anderson, Pudsey
Herbert Coates, Calverley
Ezra Grayshon, Pudsey
Annie Hargreaves, Pudsey
Edward Walton, Stanningley
Sarah Ann Crossland, Stanningley
William Lodge, Batley, formerly Pudsey
Joseph Coates, Bramley
Annice Hobson, Bramley
Mary Mathers, Rodley
Walter Turner, Pudsey
Sam Virr, Thornbury
Grace Hannah Armitage, Pudsey
Frances Drewitt, Pudsey
Sarah Poulter, Farsley
Emma Craven, Pudsey
Mary Easy, Stanningley
Alferd Moon, Farsley, late Pateley Bridge
Ex-Supt. Edwin Firth, Knaresborough, formerly Pudsey
Eliza Stillings, Pudsey
Mawson Gaunt, Pudsey
Eliza Ann Hawksworth, Pudsey
Sarah Gibbons, Calverley
Samuel Pennington, Calverley
Eliza Ann Hawkswell, Stanningley
Ernest Brook, Farsley
Geo. Henry Lund, Bramley
John Rinder, Farsley
John Varley Musgrave, Bradford, native Pudsey
Nancy Ann Smith, Farsley
Jane Eliz. Agar, Pudsey
Martha Scott, Stanningley
Emily Winterburn, Ravensthorpe, formerly Pudsey
William Thompson, Armley, formerly Bramley
Mary Brooks, Blackpool, late Bramley
Thomas Gaythorpe, Woodhall Hills
Harriet Ellen Grainger, Pudsey
Sarah Eliz. Crawshaw, Bramley
William Henry Emsley, Silsden, native Pudsey
Emily Eliz. Hartley, Pudsey
Frank Pickard, Rodley
Joseph Abraham Hainsworth, Pudsey
Martha Brook, Laisterdyke, formerly Farsley
Samuel Gibson, Stanningley
George Sugden Glover, Pudsey
Martha Ann Naylor, Pudsey
Sarah Eliz. Verity, Pudsey
Ada Holmes, Horsforth
Thomas Toulson, Stanningley
Sarah Ann Dutson, Pudsey
Hannah Northrop, Bramley
Hannah Mary Procter, Pudsey
Rev F. W. Turner, Hove, formerly Pudsey
Albert Archer, Horsforth
Emily Bramfitt, Farsley
Eliz. Isherwood, Bramley
Annie White, Bramley
Mary Hannah Davison, Stanningley, native Farsley
Frederick William Howarth, Pudsey
Ann Eliza Ward, Bramley
John Nicholson Naylor, Pudsey
William Priestley, Pudsey
Louisa Fisher, Manchester, formerly Stanningley
Ellen Gambles, Pudsey
William Alfred Myers, Calverley
Fred Hollings, Idle, native Calverley
Peter Hollings, Guiseley, native Calverley
Annie Bradley, Bramley
Annie Butterfield, Armley
John Henderson, Calverley
George W. Nichols, Nelson, New Zealand, formerly Stanningley
Hannah Rogers, Pudsey
Adam Arnot Thoyer, Bramley
Wilfred Tordoff, Abergavenny, formerly Bramley
Alfred Sykes, Brockholes, formerly Calverley
Alfred Brooks, Stanningley
Hannah Dufton, New Wortley, formerly Stanningley
James Robinson Wood, Bramley
Henry Hartley, Stanningley
Houlden Naylor, Pudsey
James Teale, Pudsey
Lavinia Alice Varley, Thornbury, formerly Pudsey
Albert Ellis, Pudsey
Fred Hardaker, Rodley
Mary Hare, Pudsey
Moses Hill, Stanningley
Grace Marsh, Farsley, formerly Pudsey
John Sugden, Ontario, formerly Pudsey
Charles Albert Stowe, Bradford, formerly Farsley
Rev G. Mellilieu, Southport, formerly Pudsey
Alfred Procter, Pudsey
Caroline Wilks, Pudsey
Mrs. Tomlinson, Calverley
Anna Platt, Bramley
Sarah Wood, Stanningley
Robert Lightfoot, Dee Why, Australia
Mrs. Tom Davison, Calverley
Samuel Harrison, Pudsey
Benjamin Oldfield, Thornbury
Alfred Grainger, Stanningley
John Thomas Hill, Bramley
Joseph Guy, Queensbury, formerly Stanningley
Margaret Curran, Pudsey
Sarah Bannister, Rodley
Mary Ramsden, Pudsey
Annie Robinson, Pudsey
Richard Sanderson, Bramley
Mary E. Tate, Fulneck
Emily Ann Wood, Pudsey
Elizabeth Gaunt, Bramley
Caroline Thrippleton, Bramley
Joseph Henry Towler, Gildersome
Mary Hannah Webster, Rodley
John William Wigglesworth, Bramley
Mary Eleanor Wade, Hounslow, native Pudsey
Hannah Maria Walker, Farsley
Ellen Ward, Pudsey
Hannah Ward, Morecambe, native Farsley
Sarah Wilcock, Pudsey
Ellen Pawson, Rodley

Olive Bedford, Stanningley
Cyril Farrar, Bramley
Doreen Fletcher, Bramley
Louisa Horsfall, Bramley
Timothy Overend, Farsley
John Partridge, Pudsey
Amos Ramsden, Pudsey
Sam Wilfred Riley, Stanningley
Fanny Standish, Pudsey
Joshua Bottomley Waite, Stanningley
Herbert Walmsley, Rodley
James W. Banks, East Bierley, native Pudsey
William Petty, Horsforth, formerly Stanningley
William Croskerry, Horsforth
Laura Batty, Bramley, late Yeadon
Kenneth T. Harsley, Farsley
Willie Mitchell, Morecambe, late Pudsey
William Pargeter, Bramley
Geo. Pullan, Bramley
Annie Steele, Stanningley
John Thompson, Pudsey
Allen Denton, Bramley
Emma Watson, Huddersfield, formerly Farsley
Annie Emsley, Stanningley
John Frankland, Stanningley
Emma Hinchliffe, Pudsey
Bertha Procter, Pudsey
Alfred Crowcroft, Tyersal
Mary Cryer, Keighley, formerly Calverley
Laura Batty, Bramley
John Scott, Pudsey
Joseph R. Bannister, Bramley
Eliz. Beverley, Bramley
Harry Holdsworth, Bramley
Benjamin Brook Keighley Bramley
Jane Leppingwell, Scarborough
Walter Webster, Vancouver, formerly Bramley
Arthur Binks, Pudsey
Sarah Ann Hinchliffe Jones, Morecambe, native Pudsey
William Joseph Hebditch, Farsley, died in train coming from Blackpool
Geo. Henry Galloway, Armley
Arthur Wainwright, Bramley
Joseph Watmough, Leeds, formerly Bramley
Arthur Atack, Bramley
Arnaud Butler, Calverley
Emma Harrison, Pudsey
Willie Hutchinson, Pudsey
Lizzie Moss, Pudsey
Thomas Edward Moxlow, Pudsey
Herbert Nowell, Pudsey
Mary Eliz. Smith, Pudsey
Clara Waterhouse, Corfe Mullen, Dorset
Mr. Joel Crosland, Pudsey
Sarah Hannah Fisher, Gildersome
Mary Eliz. Pollard, Bramley
Henry Pontefract, Thornbury, formerly Pudsey
Robert Shutt, Pudsey
John Dockray, Farsley
James Halliday Gaunt, Pudsey
Alice Ann Hinchliffe, Pudsey
David Jennings, Farsley
Frank H. Light, Otley
Horace Saxton, Rodley
Janet Soothill, Calverley
Bert Whitehouse, America, formerly Pudsey
Muriel Keeton, Bramley
Florence Stephenson, Bramley
Alice Butler, Calverley
Walter Goodall, Pudsey
Margaret Ann Joyce, Pudsey
Margaret Hilda Mallett, Harrogate, formerly Pudsey
Phydella Midgley, Stanningley
Emma Oddy, New Farnley
Lilian Peel, Farnley
John Ashworth, Pudsey
Mary Jane Battye, Bramley
William Henry Forward, Farsley
Florence Ann Milner, Pudsey
John Strickland, Pudsey
Joseph Alf Sugden, Pudsey
Eliz. Ann Wilkinson, Bramley
Willie Wilson, Pudsey
John William Rushworth, Farsley
Mary Ann Barker, Bramley
George Carter, Farsley
Matthew Henry Dufton, London, formerly Pudsey
Ellen Naylor, Stanningley
Caroline Pollard, Pudsey
William Rhodes, Pudsey
Eliz. Walker, Vernon B.C., formerly Pudsey
Henry Fergus Ward, Pudsey
Joseph Ward, Pudsey
Marjorie Musgrave, Bramley
Joseph Dutson, Farnley
Hannah Maria Ellis, Pudsey
John Halliday, Pudsey
Barbara Mary Hodgkinson, Pudsey
Ida Horn, Farsley
Alan Rhodes, Pudsey
Ruth Riley, Bramley
Martha H. Ward, Pudsey
Allan Burgess, Stanningley
Agnes Pannett, Stanningley
Alexander Dyer, Bramley
Emily Gilbank, Bramley
Emma Loker, Pudsey
Hannah Robinson, Bramley
Ann Wilson, Stanningley
John Wood, Farsley
Mary Gibbons, Pudsey
Ann Eliz. Shipley, Farsley
Douglas Field, Bramley
Mary Wilson Haynes, Farsley
Fred Merritt, Bramley
Albert Thrippleton, Walthamstow, native Pudsey
Marjorie Verity, Pudsey
Joseph Davison, Bramley
Joseph O'Brien, Farsley
Sydney Allott, Farsley
Thomas Bellwood, Pudsey
Phyllis Brown, Bramley
Rev. John M Clough, Somerset, native Pudsey
Thoams Arthur Auty, Armley, formerly Bramley
John James Pearson, Pudsey
Edwin Broadbent, Farsley
Emmeline Craven, Pudsey
George Henry Peel, Farsley
William Edward Willis, Rodley
W. Wilson, Greengates
Harold Russell, Bramley
Rose Hannah Coope, Pudsey
Annice Elsworth, Pudsey
Martha Ann Gadsby, Bramley, died on the way from Blackpool to Bramley, at Blackburn
Mary Ann Lonsdale, Farsley
Mirim Rafton, Farsley
Thomas Henry Kaye, Bramley
George Oxley, Farsley
Jane Clegg, St. Annis, formerly Pudsey
John Clegg, Calverley
Arthur James Farrer, Pudsey
Walter Gill, Pudsey
Clara Greenwood, Pudsey
Alfred Hodgson, Bramley
Thomas Lowe, Bramley
Ethel Parker, Bramley
Emma Rhodes, Bramley, formerly Stanningley
Henry Goodwill Simpson, Pudsey
Fred Trueman, Pudsey
Annie Kate Worth, Bramley
Rawson Holgate, Stanningley
Jess Gerald Cartwright, Stanningley
Edith Clayton, Bramley
Minnie Croft, Farsley
Mollie Fox, Bramley
Geo. Hainsworth Ingham, Stanningley
Annie Eliz. Brayshaw, Stanningley
Bramworth Dyson, Stanningley
Ruth Ann Groves, Bramley
Frederick Mills, Calverley
Walter Ellis Winn, Bramley
Harry Barber, Stanningley
Louie Vickers, Harrogate, formerly Stanningley
Willie Wright, Bramley
Bertha Raistrick, Farsley
Archie Robinson, Stanningley
Maria Harrison, Calverley
Edith Ann Kirk, Bramley
Harold Sykes, Bramley
Arthur Wilson, Stanningley
James Bannister, Farsley
Hubert Galloway, Stanningley
Elsie Illingworth, Pudsey
Thomas Turner Land, Farsley
John Sunderland Paley, Pudsey
William Hunter Wardle, Laisterdyke
Charles Yates J. P. (W. E. Yates & Co., Bramley)
King Pyrah, Pudsey
Thomas Summerscales, Bramley
Joseph Buckton, retired lamplighter, Bramley
Annie Foster, Pudsey
Albert Ed. Hazelwood, Pudsey
Harry Lister, Pudsey
Philomena Marie Riley, Farnley
John William Isles, Farsley
Annie Barron, Stanningley
Arthur Hutchinson, Farsley
Charles Jackson, Stanningley
Annie Rhodes, Pudsey
Geo. Henry Pickard, Bramley
William Hy. Lockhard, Armley, formerly Bramley
Maurice Higgins, Stanningley
Samuel Humphreys, Bramley
Francis Joseph MacKness, Bramley
Mabel Potentier, Bramley
Kenneth Prideaux, Pudsey
Donald Wade, Calverley
Elsie Maddison, Pudsey
Elijah Coulson, Bramley
Henry Denton, Bramley
Sarah Hannah Gilling, Bramley, native Pudsey
William Harry Minskip, Bramley
Emily Harriet Skinner, Stanningley
Mary Abbott, Dewsbury, native Farsley
Brian Aspinall, Pudsey
Walter Fieldhouse, Bramley
Morrit Rhodes Fisher, Gildersome
Terence Owen Stanley Pudley, Pudsey
Margaret Kemp, Pudsey
Walter Gaunt, Bramley, native Pudsey
Ada Lee, Farsley
Mark Glover Mathers, Halton, native Pudsey
Rev. E. B. McKee, Goldsbrough
Elsie Rimmington, Pudsey
John William Scarborough, Farsley
Ephraim Day, Stanningley
Eric Lawson, Pudsey
Eliz. Sanderson, Pudsey
Ada Minskip, Farsley
Audrey Bennett, Pudsey
Annie Illingworth Pudsey
Frank Spetch, Sutton, nr. Nottingham, native Bramley
Arthur Goldsbrough, Pudsey
Isabel Walker, Bramley
Emma Harrison, Stanningley
Willie Midgley, Leeds, formerly Stanningley
Herbert Turner, Farsley
Robert Smith, Eastbourne, formerly Horsforth and Stanningley
Harry Mortimer, Calverley
Barbara Morrish, Bramley
Leslie Gawthorpe, Stanningley
Maud Eliza Ingleson, Bramley
Daniel Keighley, Pudsey
Mary Eliz. Ramsden, Pudsey
Laura Annie Rose, Bramley
Olive White, Bramley
F. B. Webster, Monkseaton, formerly Bramley
Walter Clark, Bramley
Beatrice Ellen Crampton, Bramley
Clara Kell, Dudley Hill, formerly Stanningley
Stanley Metcalfe, Pudsey
John William Towler, Farsley
Harry Drake, Calverley
Geo. T. Mell, Rodley
Winifred Atha, Bramley
John William Chapman, Pudsey
Geo. Hudson, Bramley
Frank Pollard, Pudsey
Harry Pontefract, Stanningley
Hughina Oag, Pudsey
Agnes Shutt, Bramley, native Pudsey
Mary Eliz. Bray, Pudsey
Ada Ann Child, Pudsey
Albert Cordingley, Calverley
Joseph Webster Ormerod, Pudsey
Ellen Williamson, Farskey
Herbert Emsley, Pudsey
Geo. Henry Seymour, Mirfield, formerly Stanningley
Bertha Rogers Taylor, Rodley
Derek Hallam, Rodley
Joseph Frank Illingworth, Pudsey
Clara Langley, Cambridge, native Pudsey
Mary Ann McCormack, Pudsey
Arthur Pearson, Sutton-in-Craven, native Stanningley
Ernest Pimblott, Pudsey
Florence Annie Waterhouse, Farsley
Herbert Barker, Bramley
Theresa Smith, Bradford, formerly Bramley
Eliz. Fletcher, Bramley
W. Gladstone Horn, Calverley
Martha Armitage, Pudsey
Liliam Lamble, Stanningley
Henry Lockwood, Stanningley
Bertha Harriet Bonner, Stanningley
John Brittain, Pudsey
Frederick William Gillard, Bramley
Martha Eliz. Smith, Pudsey
Herbert Ed. Wilson, Farsley
Arthur Wilson, Bramley
Samuel Myers Cowgill, Rawdon, formerly Pudsey
Arthur Thornton, Bramley
Nina Hollings, Laisterdyke, formerly Farsley
Joseph Boocock, Stanningley
Joseph Alfred Brown, Calverley
Ellen Exley, Calverley
Clara Clarge, Bramley
Lister Jackson, Pudsey
Joseph John Jackson, Stanningley
Eunice Pearson, Pudsey
Betty Robinson, Farsley
Derek Rout, Pudsey
Herbert Way, Pudsey
Thomas William Ambler, Stanningley
Leighton Walton, New Toronto, Canada
Ada Halverley
Lottie Holdsworth, Stanningley
John Thomas Ostick, Bramley
Walter Parker, Bramley
John Rayner, Morecambe, native Farsley
William Tailford, Pudsey
J. Secker, Bramley
Alfred Cawthray, Pudsey
Ivy Firth, Stanningley
Hilda Harrison, Farsley
Thomas Wilson, Clayton
Sarah Myers, Farsley
Eliz. Jane Atkinson, Farsley
W. Arthur Beckett, Bramley
Martha Ann Burnell, Pudsey
Michael Clark, Pudsey
Emma Brook Greaves, Bramley
Benjamin Isles, Farsley, native Bramley
Doris Sutcliffe, Farsley
Martha Turner, East Bierley
Dr. William Way, Bournemouth, formerly Bramley
John Firth, Greengates
Hetty Gaines, Farsley
Professor Louis Charlier, Ben Rhydding
Maria Clapham, Rodley
Fredk. T. Crowther, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., native Gildersome
John Ed. Grimshaw, Farnley, late Pudsey
Joseph Farrar Harper, Pudsey
Martha Stubbs, Farsley, native of Bedale
Adeline Brown, Bramley
Abimalech Procter Naylor, Morecambe, formerly Stanningley
Robert Victor Naylor, Pudsey
Harry Sutcliffe, Pudsey
Alfred Ernest Marsden, Bramley
Fred Walton, Stalybridge, native of Greengates
Frederick John White