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Obituaries 1931


In this section are lists of obituaries that appeared in the Pudsey & Stanningley News. The lists appeared in the last issue of the year and contained names for whom obituaries had appeared in the newspaper that year, though possibly only a selection appears, rather than a comprehensive list.. Only a few years are currently available so far, but the list will be added to.

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Levi Stanway (99) Armley, native of Staffordshire
Samuel Halliday (95) Drighlington's oldest man
Eleanor Walker (92) Boston Spa, formerly of Pudsey
Mary Kellett (93) Rawdon, formerly of Calverley
Alfred Kaye (90) Bramley
Martha Osborne (90) Horsforth

George Womersley J.P. (81) Pudsey
Emma Clough (81) Pudsey
Zechariah Yewdall (85) Harrogate, native of Calverley
George Parker (84) Stanningley
Emily Cass (84) Pudsey
Alexander Tatterfield (86) Stanningley
John Berry (80) Horsforth
Cyrus Haley (83) Bramley
Helen Hudson (85) Pudsey, formerly of Scarborough
Henrietta Titterington (83) Fulneck
Tom Sutcliffe, Morley, an old Pudsey St. Lawrence cricketer
Arthur Stott (81) Pudsey, one of the town's oldest boot and shoe makers
John Hammond (85) Pudsey
Major Strickland (84) Farsley
Ann Warren (80) Stanningley
Timothy Endersby (84) Farsley
Martha Mitchell (83) Pudsey
Annis Ward (82) Stanningley
William Walker (83) Horsforth
Salina Wood (82) Stanningley
John Barrett (80 Pudsey
Mary Rennard (82) Pudsey
Louisa Waterhouse (80) Stanningley
Mark Hardy (80) Drighlington
Joseph Page (83) Calverley
John Towler (89) a former Pudsey police inspector
Hannah Birdsall (83) Bramley
Mary Shutt (80) Bramley, native of Gomersal
Mrs Jonathan Benn, Calverley
Elizabeth Sanderson (82) Bramley
Jane Coult (82) Stanningley
George Eddison (86) Drighlington
Joseph Wood (82) Horsforth
William Francis Littlewood (83) Calverley
Jane Huggan (80) Pudsey
Mary Fovargue (86) Farsley
Joshua Rhodes (82) Calverley Bridge
Samuel Binks (82) Calverley
Reuben Claughton Vause (82) Ontario, formerly of Horsforth
Sarah Sharp (84) Pudsey
Samuel Joshua Hustler (85) Scarborough, late of Pudsey
Fred Kilburn (83) Calverley
Thomas Jeffrey (87) Calverley
Mary Ann Boardman (86) Bramley
Thomas Rider (83) Halifax, native of Pudsey
Sarah Ann Allerton (88) Farsley
Jane Hainsworth (82) Stanningley
Elizabeth Boys (83) Birkenshaw, native of Pudsey
Edward Hollings (82) Calverley
Samuel Marshall (82) Farsley
Jabez Atkinson Halliday (81) Farsley
Sarah Jackson (83) Gildersome
John Booth (80) Gildersome
Ada Falkin (81) Pudsey
Mrs D. Edmondson (84) Bramley
Hannah Andrews (82) Calverley
Caroline Binks (85) Stanningley
Dick Procter (80) Yeadon
Sarah Chapman (82) Stanningley
Mary E. Richardson (80) Fulneck
Maria Blackburn (84) Harrogate, late of Bramley
Mary Ann Pearson (88) Starbeck, native of Farsley
Elizabeth Jones (85) Pudsey
John William Lee (85) Stanningley
George Galen Riley (85) former Bramley councillor
Harry Booth (80) Bramley
Ellen Mitchell (82) Pudsey
Martha Rhoda Hinchliffe (84) Pudsey
John Hustler (81) Farsley
John Thompson Marshall (82) Leeds, native of Pudsey
Mary Farrar Walker (82) Pudsey
Henry Busfield (83) Rodley
John Wood (81) Horsforth
Jane Stead (80) Bramley
Martha Hamer (82) Pudsey
Frances Ann Mudd (81) Darley

Sarah Ann Barson, Bramley
Frederick William Ryley, Harrogate, native of Pudsey
Anne Steele, Farsley
Samuel Sharp, Pudsey
James Waterhouse, Bramley
Sarah Ann Robinson, Farsley
Edwin Greaves, Horsforth
David Oddy Hardaker, Rawdon
John A. Popplewell, Bramley
Alfred Wilson, Pudsey
James Farrer, Stanningley
Grace Ann Frobisher, Stanningley
William Henry Myers, Horsforth, native of Pudsey
Thomas Barron, Bramley
Mary Jane Crampton, Pudsey
Tabitha Machell, Pudsey
Frederick Squire Sharp, Bramley
Lucy Robbins, Farsley
Susannah Marshall, Stanningley
Ada Parkinson, Farsley
Mrs J. J. Kirk, Calverley
Mary Ann Coates, Middlesbrough, native of Pudsey
Annie Dufton, Calverley
Alfred Broadbent, Barmlay
Joshua Rosendale, Stanningley
Annie Gilpin, Rodley
Rachel Hinchliffe, Pudsey
Enoch Moorhouse, Pudsey
Henry Hanson, Watertown, U.S.A.
William Hutchinson Beaumont, Pudsey
Gerald Armitage, Bradford, native of Pudsey
Ellen Hinchliffe, Pudsey
Jane Lawson, Rodley
Edith Amelia Grimshaw. Calverley
Sarah Annie Armitage, Pudsey
James Knapton, Farsley
Reuben Barrett, Bramley
John William Dutson, Pudsey
Elizabeth Ann Hawks, Bramley
Walter Varley, Bramley
Joseph Ward, Pudsey
Annie Parkinson, Calverley
Martha Ann Duffield, Farsley
Elizabeth Fieldhouse, Leeds, formerly of Bramley
Arthur Parkinson, Bramley
Mary Ann Green, Farsley
Thomas Booth, Rodley
Samuel Dixon, New Farnley
Hannah Grayshon, Pudsey
Mary Farrer, Rodley
Mary Fenton, Pudsey
Walter Thrippleton, Stanningley
Samuel Barrons, an old Calverley cricketer
Mary Greaves, Farsley
Wiilliam Hollings, Pudsey
John Pearson, Manchester, native of Pudsey
Abraham Firth, Gildersome
Irwin Keighley, Farsley
Mary Robinson, Pudsey
Matilda Hare, Farsley
Mrs L. E. Moxlow, Calverley
David Walker Smith, schoolmaster, Horsforth
Coun. Joseph William Hollings, Pudsey
Hannah Maria Dufton, Blackpool, formerly Pudsey
Walter Grimshaw, Calverley
Emma Harrison, Pudsey
Mary Haldenby, Bailiff Bridge
Betty Barker, Farsley
John Edward Keighley, Farsley
William Moss, Pudsey
Charles Whitaker, Farsley
Louisa Pickard, Blackpool, native of Stanningley
Arthur Fenton, Farsley
Mary Fletcher, Pudsey, native of Gildersome
Clara Hobson, Meanwood
Mary Ann Senior, Farsley
William John Terry, Pudsey
Enoch Dawson, Pudsey
Annie Farrer, Blackpool, native of Pudsey
Thomas Barrow, old Stanningley postman
Luke Hainsworth, Farsley
John Rothwell, Horsforth
Samuel Dufton, Sydney, Australia, formerly of Bramley and Pudsey
Walker Hudson, Leeds, formerly Pudsey
John William Kirk, Bramley
John Samuel Musgrave, Pudsey
Hannah Maria Wakefield, Bramley
Ruth Ann Wood, Horsforth
John Thomas Fairbank, Rodley, for many years captain of Farsley Chess Club
Hannah Alderson, Rodley
Elizabeth Stanton, Bramley
John G. Edhouse, Fleetwood, formerly of Pudsey
William Henry Boocock, Pudsey
Mrs John Marshall, Calverley
Eliza Flint Sedgwick, Bramley
John Duffield, Bradford, native of Farsley
Elizabeth Toulson, Stanningley
Charles Barrand, Farsley, in a few days later his wife, Louisa also died
Emmeline Pease, Calverley
Emily Platt, Stanningley
Jane Elizabeth Wilson, Farsley
Priscilla Mills, Castleton, native of Stanningley
Sarah Barker, Bramley
Annie Jones, Bramley
James Balmforth, Rodley
Charles Busfield, secretary of Farsley Chess Club for many years
Emma Leach, Pudsey
Sarah Ann Pearson, Farsley
Joseph Wade, Calverley, native of Farsley
Hugh John Butler, Calverley Bridge
Betsy Watson, Pudsey
Hannah Butler, Horsforth, formerly of Farsley
Sarah Grace Gibson, Pudsey
Henry Waddington, Stanningley
Frederick Tungate Hooper, Gildersome
Joseph Parkinson, Pudsey
Eliza Jane Hoyle, Bramley

Brow Dickinson J.P., Bramley
Saul Wade, old Farsley cricketer
Elizabeth Baxter, Pudsey
John William Haley, Pudsey
Elizabeth Annie Mell, Farsley
Jane Robinson, Pudsey
John Rhodes, Stanningley, formerly landlord of the Junction Hotel, Thornbury
Mark Bellwood, Gildersome
Charles Dalby, Farsley
Bertha Roberts, America, native of Pudsey
Mary Jane Barnes, Stanningley
Middleton Boys, Bradford, formerly of Pudsey
Eliza Shipman, Pudsey
Dan Law, Stanningley
John Wilson, Filey, formerly of Bramley
Alice Parratt, Pudsey

John Coyl, Farsley
William Waterhouse Gaunt, Pudsey
Clara Jessop, Roundhay
Harry Kirkwood, Pudsey
William Lee, Pudsey
Ezra Slingsby, Pudsey
Hiram Sutcliffe, Farsley
John William Wilks, Pudsey
Arthur Binks, Bramley
John Arthur Longley, Bramley
Thomas Arthur Sutcliffe, Stanningley
Elizabeth Foster, Farsley
Albert Jessop, Farsley
Harry Andrews, London, native of Farsley
Gladys Edna Brayshaw, Kirkstall
Christopher Halliday, Batley, native of Pudsey
Mary Ellen Longley, Pudsey
Benjamin Pickard, Stanningley
Arthur Smith, Bramley
Lillie Woodhouse, Calverley
Selina Pilkington, Bramley
Annie Edith Nethwood, Bramley
Herbert Greaves, Pudsey
Ada Wilkinson, Pudsey
George Pearce, Stanningley
Edwin Howard Ashworth, Capetown, native of Pudsey
Richard Dugdale, Bramley
Sabina Gibbons, Stanningley
George William Hawksworth, Darton, formerly police sergeant, Farsley
John William Isles, Bradford, formerly of Farsley
Phyllis Morton, Pudsey
Clara Ethel Thornton, Pudsey
Sarah Marshall, Farsley
Charles S Salter, J.P., Pudsey
Clara Ann Batty, Stanningley
Alice Cockshott, Farsley
Lily Dale Copeland, Harrogate, daughter of a former Pudsey vicar
Albert Edward Harman, Stanningley
Alberta Ogden, Pudsey
Albert Roberts, Pudsey
Ceres Jackson, a famous cornet player
Simeon Gaunt Carter, Rodley, a well-known Pudsey violinist
Ernest Moorhouse, Calverley
Arthur R. Overend, Burley-in-Wharfedale, formerly of Pudsey
Emma Elizabeth Yeadon, Pudsey
Thomas Roo, Horsforth
Ann Ethel Cardus, Rodley
James William Johnson, Burley, native of Pudsey
William Hartley Bradley, a Bramley postman
Mary Elizabeth Tiffany, Bramley
Edward Sowden, Bramley
John Wilson Gower, Calverley
William Jackson, Pudsey
Ann Lockwood, Stanningley
Florence Lumby, Pudsey
John Mitchell, Caton, native of Pudsey
John Parkinson, Lidget Green, native of Pudsey
John William Glover, Pudsey
Ernest Duncan Lane, Bramley
Nellie Riley, Bramley
Henrietta Sugden, Pudsey
Mary Ann Cordingley, Stanningley
Abraham Housencroft, Farsley
Elizabeth Marshall, Woodhall Hills
Christiana Parkinson, Rodley
Jemima Gill, Bramley
Edith Knight, Armley
Thomas Bellamy Johnson, Pudsey
William Forster, Pudsey
Willie Webster, Dinnington, old Pudsey cricketer
David Birdsall, Farsley
Hannah Louisa Blackburn, Pudsey
Edwin Waite, Calverley
W. Bullough, Calverley
Rosina Wright, Pudsey
Edith Emily Bennett, Stanningley
John Croft Whitaker, Stanningley
Maria Johnson, Stanningley
Mary Jane Simons, Stanningley
Nicholson Robinson, Bramley
Elizabeth Brampton, Bramley
Edgar Burdett Butler, Harrow, formerly of Stanningley
Elizabeth Fowler, Farsley
Fred Carter, Bramley
Ernest Dockray, old Farsley cricketer
John Firth, Pudsey
Herbert Neal Holdsworth, Stanningley
Esther Mary Rich, Bramley
Eliza Emily Shackleton, Bramley
Lee Woodcock, Rodley
C. Elliott, Calverley
Thomas Henry Armitage, Pudsey
Annie Barker, school-mistress, Pudsey
Edith Cox, Pudsey
Sam Lee, Pudsey
Sarah E. Mortimer, Stanningley
Edith Procter, Farsley
Harry Wilcock, Pudsey
Luther Ackroyd, Swinton, native of Pudsey
George Barker, Pudsey
Henry Bland Coates, Pudsey
Clara Ellen Shepherd, Pudsey
Edwin Hargreaves, Stannngley
Robert Dawson, Calverley
Jessie Whiteley, Stanningley
Sam Coates, Rodley
Thomas North, Pudsey
Fred Wilson, Leeds, native of Farsley
Frank Pickles, Dewsbury, native of Pudsey
Samuel Harris, Stanningley
Mary Bannister, Farsley
Emily Howe, Leeds, native of Farsley
Isaac Henry Waite, Ilkley, native of Calverley
Violetta Burniston, Pudsey
Maude Ethel Rennie, Farsley
Fred Womersley, Pudsey
Ada Farrer, Redcar, formerly of Pudsey
Walter Gaunt, South Australia, native of Bramley
Lilian Hobson, Morecambe, native of Farsley
Fred Jessop, Pudsey
William Pawson, Pudsey
James Stockwell, Stanningley
James William Gaunt, Farsley
Benjamin Rushforth, Eccleshill, formerly of Calverley
James Henry Claughton, Bramley
Joseph Clapham, Pudsey
Jane Craven, Pudsey
Clara Raistrick, Pudsey
Mary Elizabeth Broadbent, Farsley
Donakd Rushforth, Farsley
Ada Cordingley Bramley
George William Clayton, Bramley
Elsie Marsden, Bramley
May Brearley, Pudsey
William Chas. Brett, Stanningley
Mary Ann Dakin, Pudsey
James Mason, Stanningley
Marjorie Wood, Farsley
Walter Emsley, Nottingham, native of Pudsey
William Northrop, Renfrew, Scotland, old St. Lawrence cricketer
Thomas Copley, Pudsey
Frederick William Driver, landlord of the Golden Lion Hotel
Harold Young Jackson, Bramley
Madeline Hannah French, Pudsey
Amelia Fenton, Pudsey
Bertha Fisher, Pudsey
Ada Crowther, Bridlington, late of Pudsey
Florence Hudson, Pudsey
Harry Banks, Pudsey
Mary Hannah Blackburn, Stanningley
Rebecca Coates, Stanningley
Fred Albert Driver, Bramley
Fanny Crowther, Morecambe, formerly of Pudsey
Sarah Hannah Jowett, Bournemouth, native of Pudsey
Samuel Myers, Pudsey
Fountain SStott, Morecambe, native of Pudsey
Arthur Skirrow, Bramley
Gertrude Milne Woods, Bishop Monckton, formerly of Calverley
Fred Mozley, Calverley
Jane Robson, Bramley
Martha Ann Mathers, Melbourne, Australia, formerly of Bramley
Abraham Wilkinson, Gildersome
Arthur Crosland, Pudsey
William Marshall, old Pudsey bandsman
Annie Maria Myers, Bramley
John Benjamin Richardson, Stanningley
Fanny Jane Hudson, Rodley
Annie Warman, Pudsey
Raymond Farrar Wilson, Stanningley
Albert Walker, Shipley, native of Pudsey
Frances Birdsall, Stanningley
Harry Holden, Stanningley
Sarah Ann Waddington, Bramley
Honor Bell, Bramley
Edwin Abbott, Bramley
Florence Calvert, Calverley
Matthew Illingworth, Farsley
Annie Atkinson, Bramley
William Boltom, Bramley
Hannah Hinchliffe, Pudsey
Martin Mills, Pudsey
Chas. Harold Rust, Pudsey
Leonard Waterworth, Pudsey
Ada Waters, Bradford, formerly of Stanningley
Clara Camp, Rodley
George Cauthray, Tong
Annie Dixon, Pudsey
Ellen Holmes, Bramley
Martha Pickles, Pudsey
Will Smith, Pudsey
Hannah Stevenson, Pudsey
Elsie Taylor, Pudsey
Mrs F. Anderson, Woodhall Hills
Alexander Turnbull, Bramley
Alice Shires, Cornwall, formerly of Horsforth
Robert Gawthorpe, headmaster of Bramley National Schools
Fred Harrison, Pudsey
Joe Dixon, Stanningley, old Pudsey footballer
Sarah Ann Wood, Stanningley
Ellis Dean, Bramley
May Green, Farsley
William Hy. Halliday, Calverley
Joseph William Wood, Horsforth
Elizabeth Sutcliffe, Pudsey
Lily Mell, Rodley
Norman Hill, Stanningley
Arthur Johnson, Calverley
Alice Lancaster, Farsley
Dr. J. E. Abbott, Bramley
Olivia Chester, North Wales, native of Calverley
James Rhodes, Farsley
Phoebe Hannah Rose, Pudsey
Sarah Jane Burton, Pudsey
Hannah May Gambles, Pudsey
John Chas. Gaunt, Scarcroft, native of Farsley
Herman Wardman, Aberford, late of Pudsey
Emily Maud Ambler, Stanningley
Walter Edhouse, Bradford, formerly of Pudsey
Rachel Ann Tetlow, Pudsey
Rowland Knight, Bramley
Louie Barlow, Bramley
John R. Cross J.P., D.I., of HorsforthWalter Ellam, Pudsey
Dickinson Glover, Pudsey
John Allen Kilner, Pudsey
Percy Sanders, Bedfordshire, native of Pudsey
Alice Gilbert, Farsley
William Dean Rider, Pudsey
George William Gray, Stanningley
Frederick Chas. Sewell, Eccleshill, formerly of Stanningley
Bertie H. Roodhouse, Pudsey
Hannah Slater, Pudsey
Arthur Grimshaw, Horsforth
John William Hepworth, retired Pudsey scholmaster
Rev. E. Owen, Bramley Zion Baptist minister
Sarah Jane Tonge, Stanningley
Joseph Davey, Stanningley
Fred Munn, Bramley
Alice Ann Padbury, Bramley
Annie Thompson, Pudsey
Mary Varley, Pudsey
Emily Eliza Watt, Pudsey
Louisa Worth, Pudsey
Lucy Annie Thornton, Stanningley, formerly of Cottingley
Joseph Ed. Scarth, Pudsey
Nellie Waterhouse, Pudsey
Louisa Walker, Farsley
Emma Johnson, Bramley
Thomas Cooper, Pudsey
Florence Maria Ellis, Pudsey
James Alfred Gaunt, Pudsey
Lily Marston, Farsley
John William Riley, Pudsey
George Upton, Calverley
Joseph Davey, Stanningley
Joseph Kitchin, Pudsey
Hannah Best, Pudsey
William Hy. Brook, Pudsey
Emily Brown, Farsley
Annie L. Robinson, Pudsey
Fred Whitehead, Farsley
Louie Tate, Bramley
Ben Davy, Stanningley
John Thomas Johnson, Bramley
Lilian Williams, Bramley
James Henry Brook, Pudsey
Ann Ford, Horsforth
John Kilburn, Pudsey
Samuel Lee, Pudsey
Joseph Keighley, Farsley
Eliza Ann Waite, Farsley
Ada S. Buckton, Bramley
Freddie Gaunt, Pudsey
Clara Milne, South Africa
Alice Pickard, Pudsey
Mabel Wilson, Stanningley
Emma Wilcock, Stanningley
Sarah Ellen Grimshaw, Horsforth
Alice Longley, Bramley
Thomas W. Salt, Stanningley
John William Tarry, Pudsey
Harry Rosier, Bramley
William Thomas Cox, Bramley
Teresa Evelyn Duffield, Calverley
Harry Stead Hollings, Calverley, native of Farsley
William Wharton, Rodley
Thomas Butterfield, Baildon, formerly of Pudsey
Willie Duffield, Farsley
Martha Glover, Pudey
Harry Matthewman, Bramley
Jessie Nuttall, Bramley
William Nettleton, Stanningley
Lily Hammond, Pudsey
James Whaley ex-P.C., Horsforth
Thomas Helstrip, Pudsey's biggest man
Frederick Hilton, Pudsey
Eliz. A. Arundel, former Bramley schoolmistress
Lily Atkinson, Stanningley
Roseannah Fearnley, Pudsey
Watson Glover, Farsley, native of Pudsey
Bessie Harrison, London, late of Farsley
Mary Eliz. Hirst, Pudsey
Jonathan Pearson, Rodley
Martha Raistrick, Pudsey
James Ward, Farsley
Rose Wilson, Lower Wortley, formerly of Pudsey
Ernest Dean, Bramley
Matthew Broughton, Farsley
Flora Joyce Clarke, Horsforth
Samuel Atkinson, Pudsey
Irwin Croft, Stanningley
Donald Green, Pudsey
Sydney Pickles, Pudsey
Newton Popplewell, Bramley
William Ross, Bramley
John William Smith, Bramley
Harry Ward, Bramley
Joseph Hough, Bramley
Maggie Clarke, Bramley
Elizabeth Webster, Bramley
Florence M. Minnear, Brighouse, wife of a former Pudsey Trinity minister
Walter Varley, former Pudsey publican