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Obituaries 1928


In this section are lists of obituaries that appeared in the Pudsey & Stanningley News. The lists appeared in the last issue of the year and contained names for whom obituaries had appeared in the newspaper that year, though possibly only a selection appears, rather than a comprehensive list.. Only a few years are currently available so far, but the list will be added to.

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Sam Lax (91) Horsforth
Francis Fox (90) Horsforth
Francis Milner (90) Pudsey
Ann Taylor (92) oldest woman in Farsley
Henry Sands (90) Leeds, formerly of Stanningley


Emma Lawson (80) Pudsey
William Chapman(84) Bramley
Mary Grayshon (80) Stanningley
John McLevy (81) one of the oldest members of the Horsforth Roman Catholic Church
James Leather (84) Farsley
William Lawson (82) Pudsey
Agnes McMaster (80) Bramley
Mary Ann Lister (82) Horsforth
Richard Shepherd (85) West Bowling, late of Pudsey
Nancy Farrer (86) Farsley
Elizabeth Wheatley (84) Calverley
John Alderson (81) Rodley
Jane Hutton (86) Horsforth
John Barraclough Procter (84) Bramley
Thomas Carter (87) well known Littlemoor Tory of the old school
Mary A Harper (81) Bramley
Benjamin Mortimer (84) Greengates
Leah Wilman (84) Rodley
William Towns (80) one of the originators of Farsley Cricket Club and a well-known Liberal
Ann Clegg (80) Pudsey
Benjamin Hunt, Coventry, formerly blacksmith at Stanningley
Robert William Procter (87) lived in the same house at Fulneck all his life
Mary Spedding (87) Horsforth
Emma Hudson (80) Pudsey
Marena dawson (83) Bramley
Sir William Croft Forrest, Kt, (83) at Roundhay, seven times Mayor of Pudsey and a Freeman of the Borough; he was a native of Rawdon
Henry Hainsworth (89) Farsley, guardian of the poor for 50 years, and a former member of the Farsley and Calverley District Councils
Edward Swallow (84) Farnley
Mrs Thomas Lumb (86) Appletreewick, formerly of Horsforth
Mary Benn (85) Pudsey, (known as "Herb Mary")
Thomas License (81) Horsforth
Martha Warrington (85) Bramley
James Murgatroyd (80) Pudsey
Sarah Horn (83) Stanningley
John Milner (81) a Pudsey wood-merchant
Elizabeth Mitchell (89) Rodley
Mrs Joseph Waterhouse (81) Farsley
Sarah Fearnley (84) oldest member of the Mount Zion Chapel, Pudsey
Matthew Schofield (80) well known West End Liberal
John Brown (82) Stamford, a former well-known Bramley man
Sam Edward Hinchliffe (82) Calverley, formerly secretary at Clover Greaves Mill Co.
Hannah Platts (84) Pudsey
Rose Taylor (84) Farsley
Alice Hodgson (80) Gildersome
James Hall (86) Calverley, well known musician and farmer
Samuel Hyland J.P. (87) Pudsey
Frances Greenwood (80) Morecambe, native of Woodhall Hills
Emma Rider (80) Gildersome
John Saxton (82) Rodley
Beaumont Broadbent (86) Bramley, formerly Stanningley railway station-master
Hannah Chadwick (88) Bramley
Cyrus Holliday J.P. (82) Gildersome, well-known Conservative
Emma Bretherick (88) Bramley
Elizabeth Farrer (83) Pudsey


Mary Ann Booth (78) Pudsey
Sarah Greenwood (78) Calverley Bridge
Harriet Myers (78) Pudsey
Martha Wade (73) Pudsey
Francis Standeven (71) Bramley
Martha Wade (73) Pudsey
Richard Walker (75) Bramley, a native of Stanningley
William Lynch (70) Pudsey
Joel West (73) Thornton, late of Pudsey
Hannah Brook (73) Undercliffe, formerly of the King's Arms, Pudsey
James Parrish (76) Manchester, formerly of Calverley
Rosetta Thrippleton, Harrogate, formerly of Bramley
Helen Spencer Craven (75) Bramley, late of Pudsey
Stephen Crawshaw (76) New Farnley
Hannah Dean (75) Bramley
Mary Ann Groundwell (73) Drighlington
Eliza Lister (77) Bramley, native of Rodley
Joshua Raynor (76) Armley, late of Pudsey
Elijah Ross (76) Bramley, formerly employed at Stanningley railway station
Eliz. Spikings (77) Pudsey
Caroline Edgar (70) Pudsey
Sarah Gaunt (70) Pudsey
John Armitage (70) Pudsey
Elizabeth Gahagan, Wee Lawken, late of Pudsey
Eli Schofield (73) Pudsey
Sarah Fearnley (77) Pudsey
William Howe (76) Stanningley
Mary Ann Davis (74) Stanningley
Hannah Turnpenny (73) Bradford, native of Pudsey
Joseph Staton (71) Bramley
Harry Bradshaw (75) Stanningley
Alfred Emsley (72) Pudsey
William Sutcliffe (73) Farsley
Joseph Tomlinson (75) 50 years teacher at Lower Sunday School and 60 years member Pudsey Mechanics Institute
John Hemsworth (73) Pudsey
Jim Glover (75) Pudsey
George Holden Braithwaite, Horsforth
Arthur Watson (74) Bridlington, native of Horsforth
Abraham Hainsworth (73) Pudsey
James Pickard (75) Pudsey
Mary Hannah Tunnicliffe (75) Pudsey
Mary Wilcock (75) Pudsey
Mrs Joseph Arthington (72) Horsforth
Martha Norton (70) connected with Trinity Church, former president of the B.W.T.A.
John Steel (72) Calverley
Fred Stott (78) one of the original linen bleachers of Horsforth
John Marshall (78) Calverley, 50 years secretary of the Cricket Club
Rachel Bickerdyke (70) Bramley
James Hustler (72) Morecambe, native of Eccleshill
Maria Ambler (71) Pudsey
John Varley (72) well-known Stanningley character
Frank Dent (74) London, formerly of Pudsey
Sarah Ann Bailey (73) Bramley
Elizabeth Swaine, London, formerly of Farsley
John William Thornton (72) Horsforth
Mrs W Grange (70) Calverley
Martha Fowler (79) Pudsey
William G. Turner (79) Stanningley
John Tunnicliffe (76) old Pudsey Britannia cricketer
William Milner (71) Stanningley
Samuel William Broughton (77) Horsforth
Mary Eliz. Cooper (75) Farsley
Mary Fawcett (75) Bramley
Sarah Ann Johnson (78) Pudsey
Maria Ann Wardman (78) Pudsey
Grace Brown (70) Calverley
Albert Hinchliffe (71) Bradford, native of Pudsey
Fred Thornton (71) Pudsey
James Marks (72) Pudsey
Clara Maria Marshall, Morecambe, native of Idle, formerly president of Farsley W.L.A.
Sarah Boult (78) Farsley and later in the year, her husband
William Richard Wheeler Boult (75) for 47 years Farsley Village Schoolmaster also died
Mary Ann Binner (79) Lightcliffe, formerly of Stanningley
Parker Frankland (79) Farsley
Sarah Oddy (70) Bramley
Alfred Clough (78) Liverpool, native of Stanningley
Hannah Dufton (73) Pudsey
Sarah Kitson (78) Farsley
Mary Scott (78) Pudsey
Frances Jackson (73) Pudsey
Harriet Stead (76) Calverley
Alice Scotford (72) Farsley
Isaac Hudson (78) Rodley
Deborah Clough (79) Stanningley
Edward Glover (79) Leeds, late of Pudsey
Sarah Brown (71) Dewsbury, native of Pudsey
Elizabeth Lawson (77) Rodley
Sir James Hastings Duncan, president P and O Division Liberal Association
John Ambrose Gott 30 years Horsforth station master
Eliz. Lawson (77) Rodley
Amelia P. Cawood, Farsley
Alfred Waterworth (77) Yeadon
Joseph Winn (75) Rawdon
John Ambler (79) Pudsey
Joseph Wade (77) well known Pudsey cricketer over 50 years ago
Mary Ann Pearson (75) Pudsey
Thompson Denton (74) Bramley
Caroline Hepworth (71) Armley
Rebecca Hemsworth (72) Pudsey
Thomas Northrop (76) Knottingley, formerly of Farsley
David Grimshaw (76) Farsley
Eliz. Waite (78) Stanningley
Mrs Mark Webster at Wigton, Northumberland, formerly of Stanningley and Bramley
Esther Nash (75) Bramley
Sally Jowett (79) Pudsey
Hannah Maria Pratt, Bramley
Mrs W. Clarke (77) Pudsey
Charlotte Gresty (76) Bramley
Archibald Goodson (75) Bramley
Isaac Edmondson (75) Burley, Leeds, native of Pudsey
Mary Fearnley (75) Pudsey
Eliza Holmes (78) Horsforth
John Brown Atkinson (76) Bramley, native of Pudsey
Benjamin F. Milner (71) Leigh, native of Pudsey
Mary Russell (77) well known Pudsey Wesleyan
Elizabeth Richardson (76) Castleford, late of Pudsey
Elizabeth Thackray (77) Pudsey
Rycroft Vincent (77) Lawrence, Mass. formerly of Pudsey
Thomas Whiteley (7*) Pudsey
Alfred Ross Gaunt (74) Stanningley
Elizabeth Lupton (75) Stanningley
John Pratt Clark (76) Rodley, a well known horticulturist
William Smith (75) Pudsey
Hannah Thornton Baxter (78) Greengates
Elizabeth Jane Rayner (74) Pudsey
Gabriel Ambler (72) Stanningley
Martha Claughton (71) Manchester, formerly Stanningley
Nancy Ambler (73) Stanningley
Harriet Blackburn (79) Bramley, late of Stanningley
Elizabeth Hobman (73) Pudsey
Stephen Leach (78) Pudsey
Sisters: Hannah Ellen Emmott and
Sarah Ann Illingworth, Hunslet, late of Stanningley, died within a day of each other


Albert Lobley (48) Farsley
Albert Hainsworth (47) Stanningley
Annie Powell (51) Pudsey
Harry Lawson (42) Pudsey
Annie Crampton (45) Pudsey
Gordon Petty (43) Stanningley
Tom Harrison Ward (16) Pudsey
Edward Hunter (60) Pudsey
Mark Watson (66) Pudsey
Lavinia Krieder (66) San Francisco, native of Stanningley
John Grasby (62) York, formerly of Stanningley
Pearl Dibb, Canada, native of Horsforth
Lily Edwards (42) Bentham, formerly of Pudsey
Samson Hornby (33) Thornton, late of Pudsey
Albert Ed. Hodgson (63) Stanningley
Ann Beaumont (69) Bramley
James Binns (58) Bramley, formerly of Farsley
Arthur Clifford Frankland (20) Pudsey
Thomas Hellawell (67) Thornbury, late landlord Marsh Inn, Pudsey
Ada Middlebrook (6) Farsley
Mary Ramsden (58) Oak Dene
Walter Spencer (63) Pudsey
Clara Schofield (46) Pudsey
Matilda Simpson (55) Pudsey
Joseph Boothman (61) Rawdon
Herbert Tetley (54) Rodley
Smith Lemuel Midgley (55) Stanningley
Nannie Waterhouse, Stanningley
Ives Broadbent (64) Horsforth
George Abbott (69) Pudsey
John Marshall Ives (40) Bramley
William Hy. Lumby (51) Farsley, native of Pudsey
Taylor Maude (63) Stanningley
John William Malkin (67) Pudsey
Joseph Hy. Clayton (65) Stanningley
Mrs Walter Swaine (66) Drighlington, native of Calverley and later in the year, her husband
Mr Walter Swaine, Surveyor of Drighlington for 28 years, was accidently drowned in a sewage tank at Drighlington
Chas. Jeffrey, Saltaire, well known Calverley trombone player
Mrs Henry Worsnop Wormald (37) Toddington, Bedfordshire, native of Farsley
Harold Sowden (29) Bramley
James Swallow (31) Pudsey
Mary Birdsall (67) Stanningley
James Farrer (67) Stanningley
Clara Anderson, Calverley
Alfred Beecroft (62) Calverley
Harriet Craven (68) Pudsey
Allison Pollard (38) Stanningley
Hannah Eliz. Barran (38) Farsley
Mary Ann Walker (64) Stanningley
William Grange (54) Bramley
Eliz. Roo (56) Horsforth
Susannah Hardy (52) Calverley
Clara Andrews (49) Calverley
Thomas Batchelor (20) Pudsey
Eliz. Briggs (31) Pudsey
Annice Crow (49) Pudsey
Corrinna Greenwood (17) Farsley
Sarah Ann Parkinson (61) Calverley
Helen Rothery (42) Stanningley
Sam Sugden (56) Stanningley
Jessie Hudson (18) Farsley
Edwin Harrison (43) Bramley
William Fawcett Booth (62) Thornbury, late of Stanningley
Arthur Kaye (61) Morecambe, formerly of Horsforth
R.J. Gibbon (59) Calverley
W.H. Stocks (58) Horsforth, bill poster
James Emsley (66) Pudsey old Rugby player
Eva Ambler (62) Pudsey
Jemime Webster (63) Pudsey
Florence Gorman (57) Pudsey
Ethel Pearson (46) Farsley
Mrs J. Webster (63) Pudsey
Joe Thompson (54) landlord Owl Hotel, Rodley
Simeon Croft (50) Stanningley
Edwin G. Hammond (60) Stanningley
Wilkinson Eastwood Armitage, Bramley, native of Pudsey
Mary Hannah Ross (58) Bramley
George Lumby (25) Stanningley
John William Clough (56), Australia, native of Pudsey
Clara Rhodes, Farsley
James Atkinson Hainsworth, Bramley
Lottie Grimshaw (46) Dartford, native of Pudsey
William Henry Brooks (48) Stanningley
Charles W. Lawson (11) Pudsey
Charles Frederick Garnett (32) Horsforth
Florence Ann Harrison (68) Pudsey
William Armytage Crowther (520 North Bierley Relieving Officer and pioneer of the Pudsey Branch British Legion
Ada Casson (44) Farsley
Walter Ed. Tomlinson, Leeds, formerly of Farsley
Teresa B. Roberts, Bramley
Mrs Ulrich Craven, Calverley
Harry Kirk (48), Buckden, formerly of Calverley
James Noble (69) Farsley
John Tweedie (56) Bramley
Geor. Chilard (68) Horsforth
Reginald James Dennison (41) Pudsey
Clifford H. Bradley (62) Rodley
Emily Sarah Braime, Bramley
John G. Rout (55) Pudsey ex P.C.
Clara Elsworth (62) Pudsey
James Smith Ambler (52) Pudsey
Horace Broadbent (46) Farsley school master
Ben Broadbent, London, died suddenly at King's Cross Station, London, after attending funeral of his brother Horace, at Farsley
James Jennings Copley, Mattersea, late of Rodley
Ada Thomas (41) Farsley
Ann Hargreaves (41) Farsley
Eliz. Ann Wilson (66) Bramley
Eliz. Wetherill (21) Bramley
George Lumb (53) landlord Junction Hotel, Farsley
Hannah Smith (61) Stanningley
Ethel Charlotte Stead, Pudsey
Harry Vincent (58) Pudsey
John William Wharfe (44) Stanningley
Eliz. Fox (68) Stanningley
Mary Andrews (61) Calverley
Florence Claughton (64) Bramley
Geo. Farrar (65) Pudsey
Fred Leslie Cansfield (51) Calverley
Alice Lax (44) Calverley
Sarah Rebecca Sharpe (51) Pudsey
Clifford Willby (35) Rhyll, formerly of Farsley
Herbert Wood (51) Stanningley
Harry Wood (69) Stanningley
Hannah Bates (60) Bramley
JosephHodson (64) secretary Horsforth Conservative Club
Sarah Jane Dyson (65) Pudsey
Annie Oddy (49) Stanningley
Susannah Ward (44) Stanningley
Emily Boocock (54) Farsley
Ann Eliz. Midgley (49) Pudsey
Leah Myers (52) Pudsey
Lewis Rhodes (54) Pudsey
Ellen Fletcher (38) Bramley
Charles S. Lucas (69) Clayton, pioneer of Bramley Socialism
Fanny Allsop, landlady Old Foundry Inn, Stanningley
Sam Wood Greenwood (68) Farsley
Arthur Myers, Bramley
Emily Heaton (42) Stanningley
Lydia Hanson (57) Bramley
Alice Waterhouse (46) Bramley
Wilfred Maudsley Fell (18) Bramley
Coun. Geo. Beardsell, Calverley
Harriet Emma Galloway (52) Stanningley
Daphne Hollings (6) London
Harriet Midgley (61) Stanningley
Annie Boddy, Farsley
Geo. Wilkinson (60) Farsley
Sarah Ann Wood (63) Bramley
Jane Bates (60) Farsley
Emiline Fletcher, London, daughter of the late E. Woodhouse
James Illingworth (68) Farsley
William Lea (52) Stanningley
Edith Annie Pratt (47) Calverley
Mrs W.A. Hinchliffe (68) Calverley
Frank R. Hale, Farsley
Ada Smith (54) Stanningley
Rose Annie Wood (55) Pudsey
Edith Anne Pratt (47) Calverley
Florrie Wilson (44) Pudsey
Mrs. Albert Barnes (51) Huddersfield, native of Stanningley
Arthur Ingham (26) Pudsey
David Raistrick (66) Pudsey
Benjamin Phineas Binns (64) Calverley
Stanley Watson Bramwell (44) Horsforth
Cyril Webster (24) Pudsey
Mrs Russell, Radcliffe, formerly Post Office, Pudsey
Tom Garth Waite (82) Farsley
Joseph Cooper (68) Pudsey
William Gott (69) Horsforth
Mary Ann Swithenbank (60) Pudsey
Robert Hamilton Bonner (41) Great Horton, formerly Stanningley
Fred Anderson (58) Calverley
Walter Ernest Walker (65) Bramley
Lily Berry (20) Stanningley
Barbara Jean Rhodes (3) Bramley
Walter Churchill (55) Horsforth
Geo. Hy. Clark (51) Bramley
Emily Farrer (58) Littlemoor Hall, well known Pudsey Conservative and Church worker
Joshua Fletcher Smales (69) undertaker, Stanningley
Geo. Swallow (55( Farsley
Robert Peel (69) Stanningley
John Hudson (54) Stanningley newsagent
Geo. Metcalfe (60) Rodley
John Gill (64) Greengates
Asa Roo (68) well known Horsforth cricketer
Elizabeth Ball (58) Stanningley
Reuben Turner Hardisty, Scarboro, native Farsley
Sydney P. Barran (18) Farsley
Clara Moore (59) Pudsey
Jane Gillingwater (50) Stanningley
Sergt. Major Anthony Heaton (43) Calverley
Herbert Grimshaw (57) Calverley
William Fisher (57) Farsley
Geo. Muff, Middlesboro, late Pudsey
Geo. Albert P. Stockdale (41) Calverley (found drowned in canal)
John Webster (63) wool merchant, Canada, native of Pudsey
John William Moore (59) Pudsey
Flora Ellen Woodhead (57) Farsley
Mary Alice Sheard (62) Stanningley
Geo. H. Gaunt (51) Pudsey
Eliza Ann Hargreaves (62) Pudsey
Hannah Holroyd, Pudsey
James Stephenson (37) Pudsey
Chas. Hy. Threapleton, Birmingham, native Pudsey
William H.M. Ward (45) Pudsey
William Glover (56) landlord Traveller's Rest, Armley, native of Pudsey
Maud Knowling (21) Calverley
John William Endersby (38) Manchester, late of Stanningley
Susan Harrison (55) Stanningley
Harvey Kemp (43) Ilkley, late Stanningley
George Edward Peate (47) Pudsey
Fred Kaye (62) Bramley
Henry Smith (55) Calverley
William Walton (55) Farsley
Walter Binks (67) Stanningley
Laura Clark (20) Pudsey
Arthur Tetley (58) Stanningley
Esther Ann Greenwood, Stanningley
Maria Hobson (69) Pudsey
Joseph Hemingway (56) Rodley
Lucillia Waterhouse (61) Farsley
Mary Esther Naylor (57) an ex-Mayoress of Pudsey
Enid Lawley, Pudsey
James Riddle (67) Manchester, native of Pudsey
George A. Copeland (59) Colne, a former well known Pudsey journalist
Mary Ann Baxendale (64) Bramley
Edmund Haigh (42) Pudsey
Arthur Nicholson (66) Stanningley
Florence Aurelia Clayton, Headingley, formerly of Pudsey
Kenneth Cotterel Garner (7) Pudsey
Sydney Hinchliffe (48) Calverley
Elsie Jane Child (42) Calverley
Miriam Buckton (48) Pudsey
Ben Haley (66) Pudsey
Joseph Myers (52) Pudsey
Elizabeth Ann Thrippleton (23) Pudsey
James Wilkinson (49) Pudsey
John Thomas Procter (54) Rodley
Sarah Smith (67) Pudsey, formerly Church Helper, All Saints, Leeds
Samuel Wilson (56) Pudsey ex-Town Councillor and Deputy Chairman of the Pudsey Conservative Association
Henry Fox (68) Horsforth, 45 years with John Barran and Sons, Leeds