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Obituaries 1927


In this section are lists of obituaries that appeared in the Pudsey & Stanningley News. The lists appeared in the last issue of the year and contained names for whom obituaries had appeared in the newspaper that year, though possibly only a selection appears, rather than a comprehensive list.. Only a few years are currently available so far, but the list will be added to.

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Charlotte Boyes (93) Horsforth, native of Pudsey
Oliver Thackray Stockwell (91) Morecambe, a former well-known Pudsey man and an original Justice of the Peace of the borough

Jabez Farrer (81) Rodley Baptist
Fountain Gaunt (80) old Pudsey bootmaker
Jane Sharp (82) New Farnley
Jane Haley (86) Bramley
Joshua Elsworth Tallant (84) Bramley
John Webster Scarth (80) Yeadon
Martha Barrett (84) Stanningley
Sarah Ann Brooke (82) Pudsey
Ann Thompson (81) Bramley
Jane Towler (81) Pudsey
Ellen Sophia Broadbent (87) Bramley, formerly of Pudsey
Annie Rosebottom (80) Bramley
Jane Naylor (82) Bramley
Joseph Gott (85) formerly cashier at Cape Mills, Farsley, and his wife, aged 75, died within a few days of each other,
Mrs Gott passing away an hour prior to the funeral of her husband
Elizabeth Jackson (84) Pudsey, was found dead on the hearth of her house by a milk man
George Ezra Webster (81) Pudsey
Priscilla Bennett (82) Farsley, died at Liverpool
Emanuel Hainsworth (82) Farsley
John William Carter Hinchliffe (82) Farsley, died at Bradford
Samuel Rankin (80) Pudsey, died at Longridge
Mary Jane Thompson (81) Pudsey
Mrs Read Chantry (80) Calverley
Emily Briggs (88) Hough End
Thomas Brayshaw (83) Rawdon
John Kitson Stead (82) Bramley
James Wood (87) Bramley
Mrs M. H. Gray (86) Calverley
Thomas Powell (80) Pudsey
Charles Windsor (86) Pudsey
Elizabeth Whitfield (80) Denholme, late of Pudsey
Brayshaw Hogg (81) Horsforth
Sarah Elizabeth Crampton (82) Pudsey
William Rhodes (86) Farsley
Mrs Thomas Rider (84) Farsley
Annie North (84) Bramley
Mrs William Gaunt (81) Horsforth
John Kirk, Stanningley died on the eve of his 82nd birthday
Margaret Haigh (83) Bramley
Alfred Wilkinson (80) Horsforth
Sarah Ann Bolton (81) Pudsey
Jane Elizabeth Birks (80) Armley, late of Pudsey
Charlotte McMillom (82) Bramley
Esther Mary Rayner (80) Pudsey
Matthew Stansfield (81) well-known Stanningley Conservative and Churchman
Mary Elizabeth Halliday (86) Pudsey
Phoebe Webster (82) Farsley
George Alfred Guy (84) Pudsey
Mrs Joseph Page (80) Calverley
Robert Maude (89) Pudsey
Elizabeth Brook (80) Bramley
Elizabeth Grainger (80) Stanningley

Fred Harper (76) manufacturer, Apperley Bridge
Bannister W. Palfreyman (70) Farsley
Sarah Jane Clayton (77) Rodley
Mary Glover (78) Ossett
James Reynard (75) Rodley
John Edward Scarth (70) member of the oldest plumbing firm in Pudsey, established 155 years ago
J. Charles Parker (70) Morecambe, formerly organist at Radcliffe Lane Church Sunday School for many years
Joseph Hugh Monk (75) Chorley, a former Pudsey pawnbroker
Martha Fowler (79) Pudsey
Elizabeth Ingham (79) Stanningley
George Webster Tomlinson (71) Pudsey
William Arthur Oddy (71) Yeadon
Sewell Webster (71) took an interest in Pudsey St. Lawrence C.C. for 40 years
Martha Ann Smith (70) Bramley
Selina Birks (70) Armley, formerly of Pudsey
Maria Ann Wright (72) Pudsey
Benjamin Wilcock (77) Pudsey Liberal election agent for many years
Isabella Taylor (76) Bramley
Sarah Bell (72) former Pudsey landlady
Rose Hewitt (72) Stanningley, celebrated her golden wedding in 1926
John Wilcock, Armley, native of Pudsey
Caroline Clark (72) Bramley
Rachael Thompson (70) Holme Shay
Grace Hartley (74) Claverley
Canon E. J. Tyser (73) a former vicar of St. Paul's Stanningley
Margaret Wilson (79) Pudsey
Samuel Bolton (71) a former Pudsey Town Councillor and employed at Grangefield Mills, Stanningley for many years
Ellen Webster, wife of the late Ald. C. Webster, J.P., Pudsey
James Harrison (73) Pudsey
Mary Davison (79) Rawdon
Annie Eleanor, widow of the late Dr. W. L. Hunter, formerly Medical Officer of Pudsey, died at Finchley
Mary Keighley (71) Farsley
Mary Ann Keighley (77) Stanningley
Hamilton Firth (78) Bramley
Louisa Hinchliffe (72) Pudsey
Thomas P. Walker (73) farmer, Pudsey and Calverley
Samuel Whitley (73) Stanningley
Rose Ann Pearson (79) Pudsey, a patient wt the Clayton Institution for 28 years
Mrs I. Parkinson (72) Calverley
Sophia Ingham, Kilmartin, widow of former Pudsey draper
Sarah Coleman (70) Farsley
Joseph Cook (78) Bramley
William Thomas Smith (76) Pudsey
Benjamin Johnson (72) member of Pudsey Town Council for 12 years
Samuel Crowther (76) well-known Gildersome Liberal
Elizabeth Ann Stott (78) Pudsey
Timothy Kitson (72) Farsley local preacher
Andrew L'Amie (75) Horsforth, 43 years with Leeds Co-op
James Dinsdale (76) Horsforth
Mrs B Mortimer (79) Calverley
S. Davison (73) Calverley, played in the old Parish Matches
Myers Murgatroyd (72) ex-Alderman of Pudsey
Frederick W. Johnson (77) Pudsey
Edwin Doan (78) Bramley
Annie Foster (74) Pudsey
William Tweedie (70) Bramley
Susannah Ruon (78) Stanningley
Rose Emily Sheffield )70) Pudsey
Sarah Jane Allerton (73) Stanningley
Mary Jane Marshall (73) Farsley
Sarah Bailey (78) Stanningley
Agnes Walker (79) Pudsey
James Cauthray (73) landlord Old King's Arms, Tong
William Hunt (71) Stanningley
Hannah Helen Patchett (76) Bramley
Mrs William Davison (74) Calverley
John Turner Mounser (72) Stanningley
Mary Barraclough (71) Pudsey
Jane Pease (71) Pudsey
Fanny Etherington (73) Bramley
Martha Ann Johnson (76) Stanningley
Harry Thompson (70) Stanningley
David Pearson (77) Stanningley
Joseph Stockhill (73) Horsforth
John Walker (79) Pudsey, conductor of Church Lane Wesleyan Sunday School Whitsuntide singing, and member of Choral Union
William Goddard (76) Pudsey
Betty Lister (78) Farsley
William Wilson (72) Bramley
Rachel Riley Nicholls (70) Rodley
Ann Farrer (73) Pudsey
Nancy Spencer (73) Leeds, native of Pudsey
Frank Grunwell (71) Pudsey
Seth Robinson (76) Leeds, native of Stanningley
Grace Walton (76) Pudsey
Margaret Wood (77) Bramley
Eliza Ann Wilson (72) Pudsey
Martha Hannah Thompson (72) Calverley
Mrs J. Walmsley (77) Calverley
Hannah Wilson (71) Pudsey
Henry Shipman (74) Pudsey
Martha Raistrick (78) Pudsey
Alfred Dibb (72) Horsforth
Mary Ann Parratt (79) Farsley
Hannah Elizabeth Lax (72) Pudsey
Nancy Jane Farrer (77) Pudsey
Benjamin Gott (74) Horsforth
Joseph Hutchinson (78) Pudsey
Alfred Calvert (70) Pudsey
Miss S. A. Kitchin Patchett (74) Bramley
William Grayshon (74) Pudsey

Elizabeth Lambert (53) wife of the late Dr. Lambert, and daughter of an ex-Mayor and ex-Mayoress of Pudsey
John Ingham (51) Pudsey
David Samuel Oddy (60) Farsley
Mary Elizabeth Byrom, Bramley
Elizabeth Lavender (68) Stanningley
Alferd Nuttall Lunn (45) Pudsey
Sarah Eliz. Luty (59) Pudsey
Fredk. Sharp (68) Stanningley
Evelyn Castling (48) Bramley
Mary Elizabeth Hutchinson (61) Pudsey
Edmund Mortimer (48) Pudsey
Geo. Tompkins (65) Stanningley
Lydia Ann Hollings (65) Calverley
John William Fox (45) Farsley
Hannah Metcalfe (66) a Bramley nurse
Alfred Gaunt (62) clerk to the old Bramley Board of Guardians
Ruth Ackroyd (62)
Sarah Louisa Whitaker, Farsley, formerly headmistress of Crossland Moor School
Herbert Wright (28) Stanningley, died five weeks aafter his wedding
Nancy Child (69) Farsley
Maurice Overend Busfield (24) Farsley
Mrs Cole (56) Calverley
Alice Johnson (68) Pudsey
Clara Rider (68) Pudsey
John Barran (69) Stanningley
Patrick James Crossland (61) Stanningley
Rev. Charles Owen French (66) vicar of Pudsey
Charles Henry Nettleton (63) Pudsey vocalist
Harold Fisher (38) Bramley
Holmes Pullan (66) Bramley
Rebecca Fawcett (66) Farsley
Frederick Feather (56) St. Paul's Church worker
Harold Milner (26) Pudsey
Charles Marshall (52) Stanningley
Elizabeth Fowler (65) Pudsey
Phoebe Lee (68) Rodley
Hannah Hindle, Ryhill, native of Pudsey
Fredk. Watson Brunton (19) well-known in amateur sporting circles
Robert Webster (62) Pudsey
Doris Rothery (27) Bramley
Joseph Musgrave Glover (56) caretaker Pudsey Mechanics Institute
Mary Ellen Barran (52) Stanningley
Fountain Hargreaves (65) Pudsey
Edward "Ned" Holdsworth (65) Stanningley, broker
Tom Waite, Stanningley
Sarah Hannah Walker (52) Stanningley
Elsie Wilcock (34) Scunthorpe, died at the house of her parents, Mr and Mrs Fred Smith, whom she had come to look after while they were both ill with influenza
Percy Pratt, a tenor vocalist
Mrs T. Dixon (68) Calverley
John Edward Myers (64) a Horsforth butcher, native of Pudsey
Robert Tomlinson (50) Pudsey market gardener
Eleanor Winifred Mathers, connected with Radcliffe Lane S.S. and Church G.F.S.
Alexander McLean (67) formerly connected with Pudsey Baptist Church
George H. Simpson (67) Pudsey
Clarence Robinson, Pudsey
Geo. Appleyard Ross (15) a popular young Pudsey lad, there being 50 floral tributes
Florence Sugden (42) Pudsey
Caroline Eleanor Wilson (64) Gildersome
Emily Procter (45) Farsley
Henry Parker (68) Pudsey
Mrs John Elsworth (56) Pudsey
Harry Ackroyd (60) Bradford manufacturer, native of Rodley
Charles Green (35) Bramley
Eleanor Rawling (42) well-known vocalist
Harry Spencer Wilson (52) former Horsforth councillor
Police-Constable Herbert Christian (39) at Todmorden, formerly of Pudsey
Jonas Kenyon Crawshaw, Lincoln, formerly of Stanningley
Mrs A. Chippendale (63) Calverley
Beatrice Umpleby (41) Church Lane Wesleyan worker
Rev. George Edwin Armitage, New Brighton, son of the late Samuel Armitage, Pudsey
James Cooper (61) Calverley
Sarah Hannah Driver (61) Pudsey
John James Parkin (44) Pudsey
Annie Pickles (65) Horsforth
William Taylor (46) Pudsey
Sarah Hannah Wood (60) life-long connection with St. Paul's Church
Arthur Birdsall (59) Bridlington, native of Bramley
Mrs A. Balmforth (58) Rodley
Mary Whitehead (32) Pickering, former Pudsey Church Lane Wesleyan worker
William Ceaton Walker (53) Pudsey
John T. Richardson (66) Bramley Brunswick Wesleyan
Ethel Quigley (26) Bramley
Ann Leadbeater (57) Bramley
Mr and Mrs Harris, Primrose Hill, Stanningley, lost their five year old daughter in February;
a few weeks later their four year old son died, while soon after their eight year old son also died
Frances Hilda Maconochie, Maidenhead, daughter of the late Mr G. A. Jones and Mrs Jones, Pudsey
Lonsdale James Walker (77) Pudsey manufacturer
Alice Hester Worth (67) Pudsey
Eliza Clayton (62) Stanningley
John Walker on returning to America with Mrs Walker, after visiting Pudsey, died and was buried at sea
Jane Rosendale (65) Stanningley
Albert Ed. Scott (56) Bramley
Eliza Ann Hargreaves, Pudsey
Harry Wheater (47) Hove, a Calverley man of the firm of A.& S. Wheater
Sam Farrer (61) Pudsey
Harriet H. Ackroyd (54) Pudsey
John Galloway (58) Bramley
Walter Halliday (55) Pudsey
Chas. W. Hardaker, Calverley Allotment Society and Chrysanthemum Society worker
Emily Appleyard (60) Pudsey
Lucy Powell (58) Pudsey
Geo. Taylor, Stanningley
John Boddy, a Farsley joiner died at Collingham
Alf. Tate (60) Bramley Church and Carnival worker
Sam Wade (62) an Alderman of Pudsey Town Council and a member since the inception of the borough and Conservative worker
Alice Rhodes (56) Methuen, U.S.A., late of Stanningley
Mary Thrippleton (68) Stanningley
Ernest Driver (50 ) Pudsey
Eliz. Rhodes (43) Stanningley
Sarah Anna Gaunt, Pudsey
Willie Davey (56) Pudsey
Geo. Firth (56) Stanningley
Tom Rushworth (42) Farsley
Christopher Jefferies (68) Bramley
Eliz. Wakefield (58) Pudsey
Mary Emma Murgatroyd ( 52) Pudsey
Kezia Ellis (69) died in train at Leeds station while returning to Theddlethorpe, with her husband, a retired Pudsey postman
Rev. D. Morgan, vicar of Hopperton, near Southwell, former curate of Pudsey
Mrs Joseph Myers (62) Bramley, at Helperby, York
Thomas Rushton (62) Rodley
Geo. H. Driver (63) Bramley
Susan Illingworth (69) Pudsey
Mary Emma Murgatroyd (53) Pudsey
Mrs J. F. Hargreaves (67) Farsley
Sarah Brearley (66) Pudsey
Ruth Ann Riley (54) Pudsey
Randolph Mann (42) Stanningley
Mrs Stephen Peckover, Roundhay, took an active part in the Conservative cause at Bramley 30 years ago
Clara Pawson (68) Bramley
Percy James Tyres (42) landlord Crown Hotel, Pudsey
Mrs Wade-Wilton (64) Swinnow House
Caroline Swallow (61) Pudsey
Mary Bowling (65) Bradford, native of Stanningley
Mary Ann Beedham (62) Woodhall
Joseph Chippendale (66) Horsforth
Hannah Naylor (67) Pudsey
Louisa Florence Corbett (43) Pudsey
Edward Robinson (66) Pudsey
Rebecca Ellis (48) Pudsey
William Coates, Farsley
Captain M Troughton (59) R.G.A., York, formerly of Drighlington
J. H. Davies, a Calverley gardener
John Hargreaves Appleyard (59) Bramley, musician
Joseph H. Baxter (51) Greengates, manufacturer
Joseph Henry Boan (51) haulage contractor, Bramley
Joseph Fenton Brook (65) Stanningley
Walter Lord (47) Farnley
John Metcalfe (59) Stanningley
Fred Drake (55) Paris, Ontario, left Pudsey 30 years ago
John T. Fox (69) foreman, Barraclough's, Stanningley
Eleanor Lunn (57) Pudsey
Harry Norfolk, Bramley
Mary Plows (33) Stanningley
Ernest Womersley (41) Rawdon, Horsforth cricketer
Gertrude R. Helliwell (53) Horsforth
Jonathan Marsden (67) Horsforth
Ada Sabina Walsh (68) Headingley, native of Bramley
Joshua Wade Farrar (50) Bramley
Whitaker Metcalfe (57) Stanningley
Mrs Z. Craven, Undercliffe, formerly of Calverley
Sam Hudson (63) Pudsey
Hannah Dutton (67) Stanningley
William Edward Falkingham (46) Pudsey
James Henry Palliser (69) Rawdon historian
John Richard Lobley (69) Bradford, native of Stanningley
Mrs A. Marshall (48) Bramley
J. Whitham Waterhouse (62) Farsley social worker
William Pease (61)
Richard Ward (66) Stanningley
Esther Pickles (46) Rodley
Hannah Mary Mitchell (55) Rodley
Thomas Turner (49) Farsley
Arthur Child (64) Calverley
Albert Edward Stockwell (62) Stanningley
Thomas Hart, chemist, Farsley, a founder of the local Chamber of Trade and Wesleyan
Lilian Varley (46) Bramley
Margaret Collishaw, Harrogate, daughter of the late ex-Ald. J. E. Goodhall, Pudsey
Elizabeth Gomersal (67) Pudsey
George Harper (45) market gardener, Pudsey
Thomas Henry Raistrick (59) Pudsey
Samuel Forrest (48) landlord Marsh Hotel, Pudsey
Hannah Shepherd, at Cloverdale B.C. Canada, native of Pudsey
Clifford Coates (17) Pudsey
Frank Crossley Buckle (68) Pudsey
Mary Marston (62) Pudsey
William Turner Robinson (64) Pudsey
Clara Hannah Petty (68) Stanningley
Ernest Illingworth (36) Pudsey
Eliza Lobley, Pudsey
Mary Pike (66) Leeds, late of Pudsey
Fred Allott (41) Farsley
Eliz. Barker (58) Leeds, daughter of the late Dr. Parker, Farsley Baptist pastor
Mary Bolton (54) Farsley
Joseph Connell (64) Calverley
Evaline Hainsworth (26) Rodley
Emma Louisa Spencer (51) Pudsey
Mary Ann Sidney, Farsley
Eli Hoyle (51) Shropshire, native of Stanningley
Mary E. Duckels (53) Farsley
Ada Illingworth, Rodley
Ann Elizabeth Manners (60) Bramley
Sarah Ann Tiffany (68) Pudsey
George William Turner (59) Farsley
Mary Ann Hodgkin (61) and her husband Christopher (64) died within a few days of each other
Thomas Martin (55) Stanningley
Mrs Barrat Davison, Calverley
Robert Wood Heyworth (63) Leeds, late of Pudsey
James L. Smith, Mass, U.S.A., late of Stanningley
Elizabeth Patterson (52) Bramley
Eliz. Hannah Leffly (41) Pudsey
Annie Eliza Wilford, Pudsey, late of Bramley
Reginald Tidgwell (19) Pudsey
Sam Wilcock, Clayton, well-known Pudsey cricketer forty years ago
Ellen Smith (60) Farsley
Clara Busfield (52) Farsley
Lillie Sharp (63) Dewsbury, a daughter of the late Mr. Robert Spencer of Pudsey