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Obituaries 1934


In this section are lists of obituaries that appeared in the Pudsey & Stanningley News. The lists appeared in the last issue of the year and contained names for whom obituaries had appeared in the newspaper that year, though possibly only a selection appears, rather than a comprehensive list.. Only a few years are currently available so far, but the list will be added to.

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Lydia Price (96) Bramley
Martha Clarkson (94) Pudsey
Mary Whit (90) Rodley
Alexander Snodgrass (90) Bramley

Dinah Binks, Stanningley
Mrs H. P. Rabagliati, Ben Rhydding
Jane Barraclough, Bramley
Elizabeth Lee, Rodley
Susannah Binns, Bramley
Emma Aurelia Brown, formerly of Bramley
Alice Ann Grimshaw, Farsley
Maria Tomlinson, Harrogate, late Bramley
John Henry Brook, Rodley
Mary Bennett, Stanningley
John Edward Chadwick, Leeds, late Stanningley
Martha Farrer, Farsley
Eliza Ann Myers, Stanningley
Mary Waite, Rodley
Mary Bruce, Pudsey
Elizabeth Gaunt, Pudsey
Emma Wright, Woodhall
Emma Gaunt, Bramley
Mary Tyne, Pudsey
Hannah Mary Hobson, Pudsey
Jane Ann Hainsworth, Pudsey, celebrated diamond wedding the year before
Mary Allerton, Leeds, native of Farsley
John Clough, Pudsey
Charlotte Leathley, Gildersome
Isabella Sharp, Tasmania, formerly Pudsey
Elizabeth Crawshaw, New Farnley
Jesse Crosthwaite, Pudsey
Jane Whitwell, Stanningley
Emma Hainsworth, Bramley
Frances Banks, Pudsey
Newsham Jackson, Farsley
Joseph Naylor, Pudsey
Elizabeth Rider, Pudsey
Mary Dufton, Pudsey
Nancy Wilson, Bramley
George Cartwright, Horsforth
Francis Williams, Stanningley
Mary Ann Grimshaw, Calverley
Margaret Waller, Calverley
James Hailes, Bramley
Thomas Whitley Shaw, Pudsey
Benjamin Lee, Bramley
Rev Thomas Samuel Clarke, Pudsey
Mary Lockwood, Horsforth
Mary Hannah Hinchliffe, Blackpool, formerly Pudsey
Mrs Murray, Calverley
Robert Nettleton, Greengates
Sarah Jane Holliday, Gildersome
Esther Swales, Pudsey, native Farsley
Mary Wilson, Tyersal, formerly Farsley
William Hepworth, Farnley
Charles Gill, Pudsey
Alfred Walker, Pudsey
Harry Spence, Stanningley
Joseph Henry Underwood, Bramley
John Dolan, Farsley
Mary Ann Ward, Pudsey
Joseph Waterhouse, Stanningley
Joseph Ackroyd Lawson J.P., Pudsey
Ada Chippendale, Calverley
Joshua Walker, Bramley
Eliza Walton, Pudsey
Adam Maud, Horsforth
Louisa Busfield, Bramley
Mary Scarth, Pudsey
William Johnson, Stanningley
Sarah Turner, Bramley
Rev William Yates, Calverley

Edward James Bannister, Bramley
Robert Cromack, Pudsey
Isaac Norton, Pudsey
Alfred Sowden, Killinghall, late Pudsey
Francis Watson, Horbury, late Pudsey
Sarah Ann Turner, Bramley
William Stead Mathers, Horsforth, native Rodley
Mary Haley, New Zealand, native Pudsey
Benjamin Hewitt, Stanningley
Selina Ingle, Bramley
Halliday Lee, Stanningley
Emma Wilcock, Pudsey
Sarah Bowes, Pudsey
William Henry Mann, Beeston, formerly Pudsey
William Craven, Bramley
John Farrer Hargreaves, Farsley
Ruth Lines, Farsley
Charlotte Young, Pudsey
Edith M. Atkinson, Stroud, native Calverley
Alice Hinings, Pudsey
Alfred Pratt and Mary Pratt, Calverley, husband and wife died within a few days of each other
Elizabeth Ann Greaves, Stanningley
Edward Abbott, Pudsey
William Sharp Emsley, Pudsey
Emma Lumby, Dawlish, late Pudsey
William Tidswell, Blackpool, native Pudsey
Sarah Guest, Stanningley
John William Busfield, Farsley
Edward Dredge, Stanningley
Sarah Ann Sugden, Pudsey
Emma Woodhead, Stanningley, formerly Marsden
Ezra Bateman, Pudsey
Charles Henry Ingham, Morley, formerly Pudsey
Hannah Whitehead, Pudsey
John Isles, Stanningley
John Keighley J.P., Pudsey
Matthew Myers, Stanningley
Maria Eliz. Powell, Pudsey
Sarah Ellen Peel, Farsley
Ann Hepple, Pudsey
Jane Scales, Rodley
Harry Valentine Greaves, Stanningley
Eliz. Dickenson, Stanningley
Annie Eliz. Archer, Horsforth
Emma Cromack, Pudsey
Annie Oates, Pudsey
Edward Pullan, Stanningley
Miriam Rayner, Stanningley
Robert Richardson, Pudsey
John Thomas Ball, Rodley
Ruth Clayton, Gildersome
Edward Charles Tidds, Bramley
John Holgate, Pudsey
Ellen Parkinson, Farsley
Mary Charlotte Fox, Pudsey, formerly Morley
Alice Littlewood, Farnley
William Clegg, Pudsey
Agatha C. D. Hodgson, Pudsey, formerly Carlisle
Jabez Hartley, Stanningley
Henry Waterhouse, Farsley
William Gaunt, Pudsey, formerly Stanningley
Jane Stead, Bramley
Annie Eliz. Stringfellow, Bramley
Henry Ackroyd, Baildon, native Calverley
John Robert Cooper, Bramley
Martha Verity, Pudsey
Thomas Lawrence Grunwell Whiteley, Pudsey
Alfred Clark, Blackpool, formerly Bramley
Samuel Hamers, Pudsey
John William Hargreaves, Bramley
Clare Helen Byrd Calne, Wilts, formerly Pudsey
Richard Hinchliffe, Bramley
Joseph Hinchliffe, Pudsey
Emma Holdsworth, Pudsey
Maria Keighley, Stanningley
William Henry Ward, Pudsey
Eliz. Rhodes, Farsley
Robert Hall, Bramley
Joseph Lister, Alloa, Scotland, native Branley
Mary Burton, Pudsey
Arabella Kate Hinchliffe, Calverley
Isabella Martell, Bramley
John William Marshall, Batley, formerly Pudsey
William Smith, Stanningley
Alice Sutcliffe, Farsley
Susey Ann Webster, Farsley
James Wharton, Calverley
Joseph Turner, Bramley
Hannah Fairweather, Bramley
Annie Cowling, Farsley
Lucy Croft, Woodhall
Margaret Gaunt, Pudsey
Tom Blackburn, Rodley, native Nelson
Frances Ann Fearnley, Pudsey
Rev German Hunt, Bramley
William James Procter, Pudsey
Thomas Bray, Stanningley
Sarah Horsley, Farsley
Emma Bates, Stanningley
Rev Herbert Ellis, Manchester, formerly Farsley
Ann Wilkinson, Pudsey
Louisa Birch, Pudsey
John Jackson, Pudsey
Joseph Pratt, Pudsey, formerly Heysham
Mary Ann Procter, Farsley
Hannah Eliza. Ramsden, Pudsey
Rachel Fanny Winn, Bramley
Mary Ann Poulter, Stanningley
Mary Eliz. Dibb, Horsforth
Charlotte Jane Appleyard, Pudsey
John W. Spence, Bramley
William Thornton Bramley
Robert Stead, Stanningley
Benjamin James Shaw, Farsley
Daniel Henry Canute, Western Australia, father of Mrs R. D. Lindup, Stanningley
Emily Hall, Farsley
Robert Moss, Pudsey, late Lower Wortley
Seba Sowden, Pudsey
Robert Throp, Pudsey
Thomas Cliff Warrington, Leeds, formerly Bramley
William Farndale, Beeston, formerly Bramley
John Marshall Mountain, old Pudsey bandsman
John William Jacob, formerly Bramley
Edwin Dufton, Fagley
Joseph Haley, Farsley
Sarah Southwell, Bramley
Sarah Eliz. Lawson, Pudsey
Eliz. Ann Roberts, Farsley
Letty Beatrice Chadwick, Sydney, native Bramley
William Anderson, Drighlington
William Procter, Pudsey
Samuel Waller, Bramley
Annie Hobson, Pudsey
Samuel Samuel M.P., London
Emma Jane Smales, Farsley
Joseph Hainsworth, Farsley
Sarah Coope, Pudsey
Alfred Barrand, Horsforth
Emma Hainsworth, Pudsey
Alfred Oxley, Fulneck
George Sheard, Farsley
Ingham Woodhead, Stanningley
James Hartley, Pudsey
Edward Kenworthy, Pudsey
John Henry Waller, Calverley
Mrs Marshall Davison, Calverley
Alice Merritt, Bramley
Anne Sykes, Barwick-in-Elmet, formerly Bramley
Martha Jane Cooper, Farsley
Martha Ann Hobbs, Pudsey
Sarah E. Smith, Pudsey
Charles Brook, Bramley
Annie Clemens, Fulneck
Mark Albert Johnson, Stanningley
J. O. (King) Wilcock, Pudsey

Squire William Gaunt, Farsley
Doris Breese, Liverpool
Charles Johnson, Pudsey
Henry Birch, Windhill
Betty Coulson, Bramley
Phillip Meegan, Pudsey, died six weeks after his wife
Herbert Naylor, Pudsey
Henry William Procter, Farsley
Emily Senior, Pudsey
Sam Walmsley, Calverley
Lillie Ward, Hove, late Pudsey
J. Boyd, Calverley
Emma Brown, Farsley
Esther Gibson, Pudsey
Robert Derek Sloan, Bramley
Gertrude Amy Wilkinson, Pudsey
Sarah Ellen Beardsell, Farsley
Robert Johnson, Pudsey
Benoni Benjamin Lockwood, Bramley
Mary Eliz. Marsh, Pudsey
Margaret Ellen Ormerod, Pudsey
Arthur Hudson, Pudsey
Fred Mathers, Stanningley
Lewis Rawson, Farsley
Sarah Matilda Rydall, Morecambe, native Bramley, died a few months after her husband
William Sinclair, Bramley
Jonathan Wood, Farsley
Maud Ward, Bramley
Martha Ann Ambler, Farsley
Willie Northrop Beaumont, Pudsey
Eliz. Ann Brooks, Bramley
Fred Davey, Doncaster, late Stanningley
Arthur Pimblott, Patrington, native Pudsey
Fred Keighley, Stanningley
Ellen Jane Musgrave, Farsley
Mary Ann Ashton, Bramley
Henry Binks J.P., Pudsey
James Alvara Driver, Pudsey
Annie Hinchliffe, Pudsey
Grace Riley, Blackpool, late Farsley
Eliz. Swithenbank, Pudsey
Walter Weare, Stanningley
Henry Webster, Bramley
George Ed. Patrick, Bramley
Ida Wilkinson, Thornbury, late of Stanningley
Caroline Amelia Cockerham, Pudsey
Florrie Hargreaves, Farsley
Lily Rennard, Calverley
Alfred Tunnicliffe, Pudsey
Ann Wilkinson, Pudsey
James Hutchinson, Derby, formerly Stanningley
Albert Robert Bennett, Eccleshill, native Pudsey
Eliz. Foster, Pudsey
Eliza Lobley, Manchester, native Pudsey
Edward Maurice Rider, Pudsey
Samuel Harvey Whitaker, old Pudsey bandsman
Harry Richardson, Bramley
Frederick Squire Arundale Farrer, Horsforth
Rhodes Binns, Pudsey
Ada Eliz. Watson, Pudsey
Herbert Taylor, Pudsey
Frances Steward Dixon, Bramley
Maria Maud Hilda Driver, Pudsey
Harry Marshall, Bramley
Herbert Sutcliffe, Pudsey
William Ward, Bramley
Charles Wood, Bramley
Lydia Metcalfe, Calverley
Mary Jane Anderson, Calverley
Henry Garth, Stanningley
Thomas Hudson, Bramley
Geo. Ingleson Hebden, Bramley
Annie Jackson, Pudsey
Harry Kaye, Stanningley
Ada Lorryman, Stanningley
Eric Gordon Mann, Bramley
John Stephenson, Bramley
Susannah Slingsby, Pudsey
Joshua C. Battye, Stanningley
Lilian Amelia Duckworth Clayden, Toronto, late Farsley
Alice Farrer, Pudsey
Frank Halliday, Pudsey
Ernest Huggan, Sutton-in-Craven, native Bramley
William Ackroyd Lawson, Pudsey
Fred Longbottom, Stanningley
William Marshall, Stanningley
Phyllis Pratt, Bramley
John Arthur Rayner, Stanningley
Chas. Henry Worsnop, Bramley
Erica Ivy Court, Pudsey
Martha Alice Metcalfe, Pudsey
David Midgley, Bournemouth, native Stanningley
Ada Mary Mitchell, Bramley
Thomas Short, Pudsey
Emma Swallow, Pudsey
Mrs W. Stanhope, Calverley
Thomas Bryan Clarke-Thornhill, Lord of the Manor of Calverley
Fred Longbottom, Stanningley
Phyllis Pratt, Bramley
Thomas Morris Fox, Gildersome
Polly Ball, Rodley
Godfrey J. Clemens, M.A., Aberdeen
William Edward Holmes, Horsforth
Florence Annie Lowe, Farsley
Harry Carr Shortall, Bramley
Mary Webster, Pudsey
Charles W. Speck, Bramley
Bessy Charlier, Ilkley, native Pudsey
Fenny Irish, Pudsey
John William Jackson, Pudsey
Sarah Ann Johnson, Bramley
Alfred Lee, Farsley
Walter Reddyhoff, Bramley
Robert Kendall, Horsforth
Emma Gamble, Horsforth, formerly Stanningley and Farsley
Emma Lockwood, Stanningley
Martha Ellen Owens, Pudsey
Katie Randall, Fulneck
James Thomas Stansfield, Leeds, late Pudsey
Marian E. H. Unsworth, Pudsey
Muriel Waddington, Maidstone, Kent, native of Pudsey
John M. Whitcombe, Bramley
Christopher Duffield, Heaton, native of Farsley
Joe Blackbond, Farsley
Ann Garner, Stanningley
Rosetta Hill, Eccles, late of Farsley
Ralph Robert Layton, Bramley
Elizabeth Mann, Pudsey
Albert Unwin, Bramley
Edgar D. Fox, Bramley
Charles Keighley, Farsley
Percy Hoyle, Bradford, native Pudsey
Rose Cunningham, Stanningley
Horace Greaves, Pudsey
William Holmes, Pudsey
William Rushworth, Pudsey
Walter Hargreaves, Farsley
John William Clayton, Bramley
Beatrice Mary Bennett, Bramley
Ada Hepworth, Elland, formerly Pudsey
Thomas Kitchen, Pudsey
Chas. A. Lambert, Stanningley
Joseph William Merritt, Pudsey
Schofield Parker, Farsley
W. Kellett, Calverley
Jane Milner, Pudsey
Minnie Lawson, Pudsey, native Yeadon
Major Swales, Farsley
Mary Barraclough, Pudsey
Edith Ellen Bray, Farsley
Annie Louisa Kell and her mother, Mary Ann Kell, buried on the same day
Nellia Mitchell, Bramley
Albert Berry Popplewell, Leeds, native of Bramley
Herbert Cooper, Pudsey
John Robert Cunliffe, Farsley
Hannah Driver, Pudsey
Hollingworth Greaves, Pudsey
Fred Dixon, Stanningley
Lily Burton, Bramley
Joseph Greenwood Gaunt, Scarborough, native Stanningley
Nellie Twyford, Harrogate, late Pudsey
Barbara Ellen Wade, Stanningley
Moris Coates, Pudsey
James Henry Cox, London, native of Pudsey
William Emmett, Stanningley
Ruth Firth, Stanningley
Albert Edward Horn, Farsley
Lucy Longley, Bramley
Arthur Pickard, Bramley
Ann Eliza Shuttleworth, Pudsey
Benjamin Yeadon, Pudsey
James Milner, Pudsey
Eva Hargreaves, Bramley
Ethel Smith, Bramley
Miriam Bentley, Pudsey
Sam Bolto, Leeds, formerly Pudsey
William Harrison, Pudsey
Florence Pollard, Bradford, native Farsley
Henry Procter, Fulneck
Harry Pyrah, Bramley
Joseph Cater, Bramley
Betty Williamson, Pudsey
James Owens, Pudsey
Mary Farrer, Stanningley
Joseph Ward Boyd, Pudsey
Walter Forrest, Farsley
Jane Annie Gaunt, Pudsey
Annie Nightingale, Bramley
Joseph Perry, Stanningley
Jos. Fearnley Hudson, Gildersome
Arthur Long, Pudsey
Walter Miers, Grange, formerly Horsforth
John Reynard, Bramley
Thomas Greenwood, Stanningley
Jane Ann Binks, Pudsey
Dorothy Binks, Pudsey
Phoebe Brown, Pudsey
George Lawson, Rodley
Sarah Ramsden, Penn Fields, killed in a motor smash near Preston, formerly of Pudsey
Joseph Spenceley, Pudsey
Sarah Walker, Pudsey
Mary Ann Rhodes, Farsley
Hannah Eliz. Stead, Farsley
J. Beech, Calverley
Evelyn Atkinson, Stanningley
John Carter, Pudsey
Geoffrey Douglas, Pudsey
John W. Gaunt, Pudsey
James Leslie Rothery, Farsley
Edith Wakefield, Bramley
Eliz. Sowery, Bramley
Tom Child, Calverley
Jane Barber, Bramley
Ada Hainsworth, Rodley
John Thomas Mangles, Pudsey
Octavia Milner, Farsley
Herbert Edgar Pollard
Harriet Ann Smith, Holbeck, formerly of Bramley
Elizabeth Bailey, Horsforth
Squire Bedford, Gildersome
Thomas Henry Greaves, Horsforth
John James Preston, Pudsey
Matthew Henry Sutcliffe, Pudsey
Margaret Annie Wiley, Bramley
Herbert Jepson, Pudsey
Fred Ambler, Pudsey
James Colley, Stanningley
Joseph Lawson, Pudsey
Monica Lilian Saville, Stanningley
Samuel Tiplady, Bramley
Winifred Mary Watt, Calverley
Hugh Costello, Pudsey
Mary Ellen Burniston, Leigh, Lancs. formerly Pudsey
Blanche Ponton, Kilmarnock, Scotland, native of Pudsey
Joseph Gaunt, Pudsey
Emily Knaggs, Pudsey
Clifford Lazenby, Stanningley
Lawrence Edgar Weatherill, Stanningley
Harry Thornton, Greengates
Grace Ann Brown, Rodley
Florence Nicholls, Stanningley
Martha Rhodes, Farsley
Mary Sutcliffe, Farsley
Sydney Balmforth, Rodley
John T. Settle, Farsley
Hannah Eliz. Hind, Farsley
Harold Ivor North, Pudsey
Joseph Ward, Pudsey
Fred. William Brown, Stanningley
Louisa Dean, Farsley
Gilbert Henderson, Bramley
Harry Wilson, Stanningley
Samuel Campbell Wright, Stanningley
Alfred Grimshaw, Bramley
Annie Wilby, Woodhall Hills
Edith Challis, Dunstable, formerly St. Paul's Vicarage, Stanningley
Lucy Hinchliffe, Pudsey
Herbert Robertshaw, Drighlington
John Ed. Tillotson, Pudsey
Elizabeth Ann Wheatley, Dumfries, formerly of Calverley
Harry Ambler, Horsforth, formerly Stanningley
Fred Hinchliffe, Pudsey
Lily Hall, Pudsey
Annie Diana Kirkbright, Farsley
William Edward Wade
Cecil Morris Tune, Pudsey
William Hy. Ingle, Bramley
Thomas Henry Gaunt, Rodley
John William Johnson, Pudsey
Joan Kandall, Pudsey
Israel Marshall, Farsley
Florence Ada Thorpe, Bramley
Lilian Stansfield, Pudsey
George Leslie Orange, Pudsey
Harriet Pilkington, Stanningley
John Wood, Pudsey
Saml Berry, Farsley, native of Holmbridge
Thomas Close, Canada, native of Bramley
Jane Dean, Tong, formerly of Stanningley
Alice Dolan, Horsforth
Hilda Fitzgerald, Bramley
Henry Lackie, Stanningley
Lemuel Sutcliffe, Pudsey
George Arthur Wade, Pudsey
Annie Whitcombe, Bramley
Gladys May Dale, Calverley
Willie Everett, Bramley
Harry Ford, Pudsey
Arthur Duffield, Farsley
Mary Elizabeth Driver, Pudsey
Walter Pearson, Stanningley
Mabel Eliz. Joy, Pudsey
Clifford Lee, aged 7, and Daniel Lee, aged 5, died at Farsley within a few days of each other
Martha Eliz. Scarborough, Farsley
David Henry Gaunt, blind musician of Bramley
Herbert Roberts, Greengates
Geo. Heathwaite, Bramley
William Maltby, Armley, old Bramley postman
Maud Thomas, Bramley
Sarah Britton, Stanningley
Joseph Berry, Bramley
James Harrison, Stanningley
Herbert Kelly, Pudsey
Edith Lumby, Coventry, formerly Pudsey
Sarah Hannah Towler, Farsley
Carter Smith, Pudsey
Mavis Gaunt, Pudsey
Amelea Halliday, Gildersome
Lily Peel, Pudsey
Nellie Abbott, Armley, formerly Bramley
Harry Barker, Pudsey
Eliz. Clegg, Bramley
Jesse Stoker, Farsley
Melbourne Walker, Leeds, formerly Farsley
Edith Marie Roper, Bramley
Harry Ford, Pudsey