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Obituaries 1932


In this section are lists of obituaries that appeared in the Pudsey & Stanningley News. The lists appeared in the last issue of the year and contained names for whom obituaries had appeared in the newspaper that year, though possibly only a selection appears, rather than a comprehensive list.. Only a few years are currently available so far, but the list will be added to.

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Jane Green (94) Sheffield, formerly Pudsey
Reuben Johnson (91) Stanningley
Nancy Lee (90) Wakefield, native of Stanningley
James Parkinson (92) Bramley
Sarah Ann Tomlinson (91) Rawdon
Emily Kendall (90) Rawdon
William Smith (90) Horsforth
Elizabeth Swithenbank (90) Pudsey
Alfred Sutcliffe (90) Pudsey

Annie Eliz. Barrett (80) Pudsey
Emma Clayton (83) Stanningley
Sarah Keighley (84) Rotherham, formerly of Farsley
Matilda Stone (81) Rodley, late Morecambe
Sabina Walton (83) Bramley
Samuel Mawson (81) Stanningley
Ellen Maria Adams (83) Farsley, native of Ipswich
Martha Garforth (83) Rodley
Isabel Kellet (83) Calverley
Frances Pearson (81) Calverley
Ann Popplewell (87) Farsley
Louisa Cleary (89) Bramley
Francis Albert Walton (81) Farsley
Sarah Jane Proud (81) Bradford, native of Stanningley
Sabina Connor (89) North Wales, native of Bramley
James Willis (82) Hipperholme, formerly Stanningley
Mary Ann Chamberlain (83) Stanningley
Rose Halliday (83) Pudsey
Emily Hobson (80) Pudsey, native of Stanningley
Alfred Fielding (80) Stanningley
Rev. T. H. May (81) Scarboro', formerly curate at Bramley
Emily Hainsworth (81) Pudsey
Benjamin Watson (80) Stanningley
John Wilson (83) Harrogate, native of Pudsey
Ann G. Joliffe (83) Pudsey
Richard Clough (80) Bramley
Frank Farrand (80) Farsley
Eliz. Hobson (81) Rawdon
Hannah Marshall (83) Pudsey
Sarah Elizabeth Elsworth (85) Pudsey
Thomas Holgate (88) Stanningley
Jane Ann Halliday (86) Pudsey
Catherine Casling (83) Bramley
Mary Eliz. Gill (88) Pudsey
George Humpheryes (84) Farnley
Mary Jane Heaton (80) Pudsey
Elizabeth Wood (80) Stanningley
Dyson Ward (86) Stanningley
Thomas Seed (84) Bramley
Alfred Sykes (88) Bramley
Eliz. Halliday (83) Farnley, native of Pudsey
Joseph Ackroyd (82) Pudsey
Samuel Parker (86) Sydney, Australia
Catherine Taylor (86) Farsley, native of Nottingham
Sarah Ann Horn (83) Farsley
Eliz. Tomlinson (82) Pudsey
William Morris (89) Apperley Bridge
John Ramsden (80) Bramley
Mary Jane Stephenson (85) Farsley
John William Gaunt (87) Bramley, native of Farsley
James Naylor (80) Stanningley
Jane Eliz. Fieldhouse (81) Horsforth
Ann Barrett (82) Horsforth
John Thorpe (80) Pudsey
John Arthur Fell (82) Pudsey
Hannah Bickerdyke (88) Horsforth
Mary Carlisle (81) Calverley
Jane Stephens (81) Bramley
Eliza June Haslam (80) Harrogate, formerly of Gildersome
Mrs Joseph Speight (82) Greengates
Margaret Britton (82) Pudsey
Ruth Peacock (83) Apperley Bridge
Mercy Thompson (82) Calverley

Joseph Rider (78) Pudsey
George James Dale (&&) Horsforth
Margaret Jane Scaife (76) Pudsey
Henrietta Ventriss (73) Gildersome
Annie Agnes Royston Cross (79) Horsforth
Tom Eastwood (72) Pudsey
George Laister (71) Pudsey
John Thompson (78) Tong
Eliza Jane Walton, Calverley
Jonathan Coates (76) and his wife Martha (76) Southport, natives of Pudsey
Daniel Waite (79) Calverley
Sarah Fell (74) Pudsey
Oliver Stanley (74) Farsley
Henry Swaine (76) London, native Calverley
Mary Ann Dean (78) Bramley
Catherine Stebbings (70) Horsforth
Alice Elizabeth Blackburn (77) Pudsey
Rhoda Coulson (71) Farsley
Eliz. Stockhill (79) Horsforth
Charles Edwin Vickers (77) and his wife Hannah (74) Harrogate, natives of Stanningley, found dead in bed in Harroaget, having been accidentally poisoned by gas from a stove
Harry Midgley (71) Farsley
Mary Emily Cockeran (76) Bramley
William Henry Hey (70) formerly Rodley
Eli Jowett (78) Leeds, native of Pudsey
Robert Marshall (72) Pudsey
Jane Chapman Horner (73) Horsforth
Mary Hook, Pudsey
Louisa Gibson, Bradford, formerly of Pudsey
Harry Rayner (78) Stanningley
John Richard Newman (70) Stanningley
Dr. John William Hinings (77) Filey, native of Pudsey
Amelia Susannah Marshall (79) Bramley
John Alfred Lister (72) Farsley
Esther Wilkinson (74) Pudsey
Richard Burrill (74) Bramley
Maria Carlisle (76) Calverley
James Crowther (73) Pudsey
Mary Jane Porritt (71) Pudsey
Orlando Stephenson (73) Gildersome
Eliza Stanley (73) Farsley
Lavinia Asquith (70) Bramley, native of Pudsey
Mary Ann Dodd (74) Pudsey
Thomas Stead Barker (76) Bramley
Joseph Whiteman (73) Rodley
Hannah Eliz. Exelby (74) Farsley
Emma Dowgill (76) Farsley
Jane Holroyd (74) Pudsey
Martha Overend (74) Stanningley
Sir W. E. B. Priestley (72) Bradford
Joseph Swallow (74) Pudsey
Fred Greaves (72) Gomersal, formerly Pudsey
Emily Brook (74) Pudsey
John H. Coe (78) Pudsey
Simeon Priestley (79) Thornbury, native of Pudsey
Nanny Carter (78) Stanningley
Emma Chapman (73) Pudsey
Jonathan Kirk (73) Bramley
Matilda Hallas Hustler (71) Helensboro', native of Farsley
Mary Gott (77) Farsley
James Alderson (76) Bramley
Mary Lumby (70) Stanningley
Annie Jane Rayner (74) Stanningley
Joseph Wilson (71) Pudsey
Grace Ann Wood (74) Pudsey
Martha Bateman (72) Pudsey
Annie Clough (78) Farsley
Ellen Nettleton (70) Pudsey
Hutchinson Fletcher (79) Bramley
Mrs Fred Boocock (73) Bramley
James Glover (74) Pudsey
George Horner (79) Clayton, formerly Stanningley
Eden Clayton Stead (72) Farsley
James Thornton Stephenson (70) Farnley
Sam Thornton (76) Drighlington
Hainsworth Crossley (77) Rodley
Dr. Ernest Gaunt (70) Ilkley, native of Farsley
Henry Remington (70) Stanningley
Mary Scott (75)
Hannah Maudsley (77) Stanningley
Mary Ann Rushworth (75) Ripponden, formerly Pudsey
Jos. Swaine (76) Pudsey, late Calverley
Edith Empey (71) Pudsey native of Crosshills
Ann Smith (70) Bramley
Samuel Marshall (77) Horsforth
Harriet Baxendale (77) Leeds, native of Pudsey
Lydia Boocock (77) Pudsey, knocked down by a motor car in Headingley and died from her injuries six months later
Albert Hewitson (72) Bramley
Arthur Spencer (75) Pudsey
Pattie Watkins, U.S.A., late Farsley
Mary Ellen Waller (72) Calverley
Hannah Worsnop (72) Pudsey
Mrs John Steele, (72) Calverley
Hannah Boocock (73) Pudsey
William Grange (78) Thornbury, formerly Calverley
A. A. Shaw (75) Calverley
Oliver Collinson (78) Bramley
John Hill (72) Bramley
Sarah Waterhouse (71) Farsley
Eliza Ann Norfolk, Bramley
Henry Cooper Long (73) Rodley
Emma Walton (77) Pudsey
Eliz. Ann Banks (71) Bradford, native of Pudsey
Inkerman Hobson (77) Shropshire, native of Stanningley
George Holdsworth (70) Pudsey
John Watkinson (77) Farsley
Hannah Rhoda Bell (70) Farsley
Benjamin Athorn (75) Bramley
Eliz. Coggings (72) Stanningley
Martha Thompson (70) Bramley
Charles William Dean (76) Bramley
Frederick Dell (75) Pudsey
Frances Lavender (72) Stanningley
Emma Louisa Moore (74) Farsley, native of Northwich
Ann Binns (7*) Bramley
Charles Liversidge (79) Farsley
William Dyball Leaver (75) Bramley
Eliz. Mann (79) Bramley
Ann Chapman (73) Bramley
Hannah Turner (70) Pudsey
Geo. William Bennett (71) Calverley
Charles Coleman (78) Farsley
Arthur Dobson (78) Horsforth
Alice Kendall (70) Bramley
Ruth Gill (78) Pudsey
Robert Rodwell (71) Pudsey
Richard Grayshon (72) Pudsey
Jane Laycock (78) Stanningley
Mary Eliz. Metcalfe (76) Bramley
Henry Child (77) Horsforth
Louisa Dawson (77) Horsforth
John Siswick Flint (74) Farsley, native of Farnley
Rachel Oxley (73) Clayton, formerly Pudsey
Benjamin Threapleton (79) Horsforth, formerly Stanningley
Samuel Grassby (71) Pudsey
Emma Stephenson (79) Stanningley
Eliz. Brooks (75) Stanningley
Thomas Gaunt (72) Bramley
Hannah Bateman (71) Pudsey
Eliz. Hutchinson (71) Horsforth
Sarah Ingham (74) Farsley
Grace Procter (72) Pudsey
George Hy. Tomlinson (74) Bramley
James Clayton (72) Drighlington
Jesse Oddy (75) Pudsey
James Ormerod (74) Pudsey
Arthur Sykes (75) Bramley
Emma Marshall (76) Gildersome
Charlotte Eliz. Myers (70) Calverley
Moses M. Waterhouse (78) Stanningley
Eliz. Ann Chapman (75) Pudsey
Charles Myers (73) Pudsey
Eliza Ann Yates (77) Calverley
Bertha Ann Walton (75) Farsley
Eliz. Ambler (78) Stanningley
Grace Ann Clayton (72) Bramley
Joe Peaker (71) Bramley
Sarah Eliz. Walker (76) Pudsey
Tom Barran (72) Stanningley
Mary Ann Crossley (79) Rodley
Simeon Rogers (73) Calverley
Frederick Procter (72) Pudsey
George Edwin Andrews (70) Farsley
Grace Ann Hudson (77) Pudsey
Matthew Sharp (78) Australia, native of Pudsey
George H. Teale, J.P. (78) Yeadon
Hannah Hainsworth (76) Horsforth
Clara Robinson (77) Bramley, native of Pudsey
George Wilson (75) Horsforth
Henry John Waterhouse (74) Bramley
John Crabtree (71) Bramley
Annie Marshall (75) Morecambe, native of Farsley

Winifred Price, Pudsey
Demario Lee, Bramley
James Tate, Bramley
Rev. R. Tate, Lancaster, formerly of Bramley
Elsie Alice Powell, Greengates, formerly Calverley
Charles William Snow, Bramley
Mary Ellen Riley, Bramley
Amelia Braithwaite, Horsforth
Georgina Brooksbank, New Farnley
Herbert Lingard, Morecambe, formerly Farsley
Kenneth Myers, Woodhall Hills
Elsie Steele, Farsley
Benjamin Walker, Farsley
William Cook, Bramley
Henry Ball, Stanningley
Albert Softley, Great Horton, formerly Rodley
Arthur Herbert, Farsley, native of York
Evelyn Roberts Dobson, Bradford, native of Farsley
Lily Booth, Rodley
Louisa Hardaker, Rodley
John Healey, Farsley
William Ingham, Pudsey
Maud Bates, Stanningley
Annie Laycock, Farsley
Ramsden Clough, Derby, native of Pudsey
Edna Dixon, Bramley
Emma Foskett, Pudsey
Phoebe Gaunt, Pudsey
George Ernest Greaves, Pudsey
Alice Leatham, Bramley
John William McBride, Pudsey
Robert henry Newman, Bramley
George Barlow, Pudsey
Mary Greaves, Pudsey
Geo. Brook, Pudsey
John Arundel, Pudsey
Emily Tomlinson, Calverley
Hilda Child, Calverley
Mary Ann Ellis, Bramley
Walter Swaine, Calverley
Eliza Ward, Bramley
William Dredge, Pudsey
Matilda Jane Horner, Bramley
James North, Bramley
William Arthur Barrett, Pudsey
Alice Botlon, Farsley
Evangeline Carlisle, Bramley
Alice Mary Greaves, Calverley
Mary Hook, Pudsey
Mrs Fred Hunt, Calverley
Mary Eliz. Leatham, Bramley
Thomas A. Mongan, Horsforth
Rev. J. N. Higman, Horsforth
Edwin Heywood, Cove, formerly Rodley
Ernest Barron, Pudsey
Annie Carter, Pudsey
George Henry Thompson, Ravensthorpe, formerly Pudsey
Agnes Greenwood, Farsley
Frank Grimshaw, Calverley
Annie Lumley, Bramley
Nelson Oldfield, Pudsey
William Plummer, Pudsey
Rebecca Forte, Rodley
Mary Horner, Stanningley
Alfred Riley, Bramley
John Ackroyd, Leeds, native of Farsley
Rhoda Coldwell, Calverley
Marinda Speirs, Pudsey
Mary Ann Thornton, Bramley
Isabella Tweedie, Bramley
Elsie Kathleen Worsnop-Wormald, Torrington, Dunstable, Beds., formerly of Farsley
Mary Ann Chuck, Stanningley
James Lee, Morecambe, native of Farsley
Mary Jane Elwis and her husband John Thomas, Rodley
Godfrey Mortimer, Calverley
Lavinia Strickland, Stanningley
David Wrad, Rodley
Frances Broughton, Stanningley
Nelly Summersgill, Pudsey
Alice Maud Coulson, U.S.A., native of Bramley
William Glover, Blackpool, native of Pudsey
James William Batty, Bramley
Freddy Brook, Pudsey
Bertha Chapman, Stanningley
Mrs John Caighill, Sheffield, formerly Pudsey
Robert Parkinson, Pudsey, formerly Leeds
James Pickard, Farsley
James henry Exley, Headingley, native of Pudsey
William Marshall, Bramley
Albert Corless, Pudsey
Reginald Whitfield Coates, Greengates
Lavinia Sands, Stanningley
Annie Eliz. Brown, Stanningley
H. B. Tindall, Bramley
William Scruton, Bramley
James North, Bramley
Harry Greensmith, Stanningley
Alice Pullan, Farsley
ERnest Rhodes, Pudsey
Selina Simpson, Rodley
Susan Johnson, Pudsey, native of Rawdon
Geo. William Marsh, Farsley
Albert Earnshaw, Bramley
Joan Eliz. Fildes, Pudsey
Caroline Gray, Bramley
Thomas William Mann, Pudsey
Walter Topham, Rodley
Esther Ann Clayton, Stanningley
Jonathan Jamison, Pudsey
Mary Patricia Walker, Pudsey
John Ed. Jaques, Bramley
Emma Brook, Stanningley
John Henry Lodge, Pudsey
Frank Robinson, Bramley
Joe Thorpe, Pudsey
Harry Webster, Pudsey
Fredk. W. Wilcock, Pudsey
Randolph Arundale, Pudsey
Alice Cooper, Pudsey
Arthur E. Taylor, Bramley
Mrs John Dibb, Calverley
Sarah Beardsell, Calverley
Mary Coulson, Bramley
Mary Noble, Pudsey
Thomas Harold Leeming, Stanningley
Sydney Cyril Hall, Glasgow, formerly Bramley
Edgar Riley Northrop, Linton, native of Bramley
Harold Bannister, Bramley
Annie Crossley, Bramley
Ethel Green, Pudsey
Dorothy Jane Cryer, Calverley
John Hawcroft Lumby, Pudsey
Marjorie Tiplady, Bramley
Jane Busfield, Rodley
Harry Gill, Bramley
James Hy. Hinchliffe, Pudsey
Herbert Moore, Stanningley
Clara K. Ward
Reginald Whitham, Bramley
Eliz. Wilkinson, Horsforth
Albert Barnes, Stanningley
John Edward Armitage, Gildersome, native of Pudsey
Arthur Beecroft, Idle, native of Calverley
Samuel Smith West, Pudsey
Mary Sunderland, Pudsey
Frances Bramfitt, Scarboro', native of Farsley
Levi Craven, Pudsey
Emily Vina Holywood, Pudsey
Edwin Alf. Johnson, Farsley
John Richard Moorhouse, Stanningley
Alfred Norris Smith, Bramley
James Sowden, Bramley
Joseph William Yeadon, Calverley
Annie Sheppard, Rodley
Ann Haw, StanningleyHannah Ambler, Bramley
Gilbert Chadwick, Stanningley
William Herbert Robinson, Stanningley
John William Christmas, Dewsbury, native of Stanningley
Ada Procter, Farsley
James H. Cawthray, Tong
Eleanor Joyce Ledgard, Crossgates, native of Pudsey
Eleanor Perry, Bramley
Arthur Yeadon, Pudsey
William Farrer Parkinson, Stanningley
Luther Stone, Rodley
John Akid, Pudsey
Alice Beatrice Lambert, Harrogate, native of Farsley
Edith Mary Milner, Pudsey
Eliz. Rigg, Bramley
Lorenda Ward, Bramley
Arthur Dixon, Pudsey
Stanley Hare, Pontefract
Martha Steward, Bramley
Jane Emily Durham, Pudsey
Joseph Anderson Sharp, Rodley
Frank Denning, Western Australia, formerly Bramley
Phyllis May Rhodes, Pudsey
Benjamin Haigh, Bramley
Ethel Dowgill, Farsley
Annie Rhodes, Pudsey
Benjamin W. Shepherd, Pudsey
Ernest Whitehead, Calverley
John William Brant, Pudsey
James Ringrose, Stanningley
Eliz. Ann Walker, Leeds, native of Horsforth and formerly Calverley
Maria Dugdale, Pudsey
Thomas Hy. Gaunt, Pudsey
Fred Barton, Pudsey
Martha Ann Briggs, Pudsey
Sarah Myers, Bramley
Ann Bailey, Farsley, native of Cullingworth
William Ed. Smith, Farsley
Rev. Samuel Rathmell, Lincolnshire, native of Horsforth
Lady Oddy, London, formerly of Birkenshaw
Fred Smith, Bramley
Cecil Legett, Bramley
Rev. Louis Jones, Buckinghamshire, native of Pudsey
Ivy Calvert, Pudsey
Ann Isabella McLeod, Stanningley
Martha Ann Pearson, Morecambe, native of Stanningley
Tom Beverley, Bramley
ex-P.C. Dalby, Rawdon
James Emmett, Morecambe, formerly Bramley
David Parish Hargreaves, Farsley
Clara Ward, Blackpool. native of Pudsey
Ann Slack, Rodley
Lucy Fieldhouse, Pudsey
W. Cordingley, Russia, native Calverley
Francis Samuel Favell, Pudsey
Ernest Keighley, Pudsey
Mary Ann Standage, Pudsey
Alec B. Busfield, Bramley
Lewis Coultas, Horsforth
Leslie Dockray, Yeadon
Martha Holder, Pudsey
Arthur Yeadon, Pudsey
Harry Sadler, Pudsey
John Splain, Bramley
Hannah Wheatley, Bramley
Mrs G. Greaves, Woodhouse, formerly Pudsey
Lillie Chatterton, Stanningley
John Joseph Harvey, Pudsey
Alice Mary Stansfield, Stanningley
Elizabeth Dean, Bramley
Jane Drury, Pudsey
Ada Galloway, Stanningley
Harry Sugden, Bramley
Emma Broadbent, Pudsey
Florence Henrietta Butler, Farsley
Minnie Hargreaves, Bramley
Samuel Threapleton, Bramley
Walter Thompson, Rodley
Ann Colburn, Stanningley
Mabel Collett, Stanningley
Lizzie Bradley, Pudsey
Isaac Neal Holdsworth, Stanningley
Caroline Tate, Bramley
Prof. W. T. Waugh, formerly of Fulneck
Emma Mawson, Farsley
Rose Ann Dodd, Farsley
Louie Verdun Brown, Bramley
Gibson Johnson, Bradford
Annie Moore, Bramley
John Naylor, Pudsey
Charles Speck, Pudsey
B. W. Hardaker, Greengates
Christian A. N. Will, Stanningley
Elizabeth Ward, Pudsey
Roy B. Meldrum, Accra, Africa, formerly Rawdon
Walter John Reid, Pudsey
J. R. H. (Dick) Woodhead, Hove Edge, native of Pudsey
Alice Berry, Farsley
Ann Slack, Rodley
Gott Hughes, Rhyl, formerly of Stanningley
James Ackroyd Holdsworth, Farsley
Marion Ackroyd, Calverley
William Busfield, Farsley
William Hainsworth, Pudsey
Joseph Pearson, Stanningley
Chas. Partridge, Pudsey
Joseph Waite, Farsley
William Willey, Gildersome
Charles Westnutt, Pudsey
Laura Coe, Pudsey
Rebecca Mary Coulson, Pudsey
Joseph Holmes, Bramley
Mary Myers, Pudsey
Charlotte Ann Simpson, Pudsey
Joseph Armitage Laycock, Yarmouth, formerly of Bramley
Joseph Kitchen, Pudsey
Nellie Outhwaite, Calverley
Maud Wainwright, Calverley
Emma Birch, Pudsey
May Catherine Farmby, Bramley
Matthew Henry Gaunt, Pudsey
Hannah Mary Greaves, Stanningley
Eliza Ann Taylor, Pudsey
Mary Watson, Pudsey
Willie Wood, London, native of Stanningley
Sam Buckton, Ontario, native of Pudsey
Dorothy Annie Palfreeman, Farsley
Joseph Tew, Pudsey
Frances Gaunt, Scarborough, native of Farsley
Geoffrey Waddington, Calverley
Albert Anderson, Bramley
Isaac Balmforth, Pudsey
Lynda Ellen Mann, Leeds, native of Stanningley
John Thomas, Kirkstall, formerly Bramley
William Dean, Bradford, formerly of Stanningley
George Horner, Armley, died in Hough End Methodist Church where he was a choirman
Hannah Jackson, Bramley
Eva Mathers, Bramley
Mary Stewart, Gildersome
Thomas William Hooper, Horsforth
Rev. E. Higson, Warrington, formerly Stanningley Baptist pastor
Andrew McFarlane, Stanningley
Rachel Grimshaw, Farsley
David Stanhope, Calverley
Samuel Isherwood, old Stanningley footballer
Mary Pringle, Bradford, native of Farsley, in whose family there have been three deaths in seven month