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Obituaries 1924


In this section are lists of obituaries that appeared in the Pudsey & Stanningley News. The lists appeared in the last issue of the year and contained names for whom obituaries had appeared in the newspaper that year, though possibly only a selection appears, rather than a comprehensive list.. Only a few years are currently available so far, but the list will be added to.

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W.W. Bennett at Stroud, killed on the railway.
Herbert Waln? of Bramley killed on the railway.
William Ernest Hood of Armley, who fell through the roof at Stanningley Ironworks whilst stripping tiles.
Thomas W. Clough who died suddenly in a Littlemoor shop.
Gerald Grimshaw, Pearson Street, Calverley aged 21.
Mr and Mrs Benjamin Sutcliffe, died at Morecambe in March.
Allan Ward, Blackpool company-houses proprietor.
Miss Lilian Long, Somerset Road.
Denis Robinson in Switzerland, under painful circumstances, the body being returned to Farsley.
John Booth, of Calverley who received a present the previous evening at the Conservative Club for his golden wedding.
Miss Marion M. Isles, Bramley, knocked down by a motor car.
Harry Snowden Parker, musical director of the Empire Theatre, Burnley.
Bob. Benson, Bramley who died at Leeds Infirmary as a result of an accident.
Joseph Whitaker, Stanningley, found in a bath at home, where he lived alone.
Matthew Riley, formerly caretaker at Gildersome Wesleyan Chapel.
Mrs Alice Farrer, Stanningley, died suddenly in a taxi-cab.
Mrs Annie Elizabeth Halliday, first headmistress at Richardshaw Infants School.
Rev. W. Marshall, at Bournemouth, former vicar of Idle.
Anthony Whitehead, Farsley, engineer at Cape Mills.
John Matthews, J.P., Whingate, director of Salter & Salter Ltd.
Mrs Elizabeth Carr, widow of the late Mr Johnson Carr, former Pudsey solicitor.
George Arandle, Pudsey carting agent.
Mrs Joseph Kaye, at Otley, an old Stanningley Baptist.
Edward Tate, Bramley, a Zion Baptist worker.
Arthur Varley, formerly licensee of the George Hotel, Richardshaw Lane.
Miss Beatrice Annie Frankland, Pudsey, in a Leeds Nursing Home.
Mr R. S. Foster, native of Farsley, at Ontario, Canada.
Mr S. I. Fawcett, Bramley, 43 years headmaster at Stanningley Council School.
Mrs J. H. Noble (71) Pudsey.
Jack W. Pearson (77) Farsley.
John Ward, Pudsey, for a great number of years superintendent at the Lower U. M. Sunday School.
Stead Waterhouse, Adwalton, member of the Drighlington Co-operative Society for 23 years.
Miss Henrietta Lupton, Pudsey, a weaver for 50 years at Prospect Mills.
A. E. Tamms, Farsley, foreman mechanic at Stanningley Ironworks.
Miss Sarah Rosendale, Farsley.
Jane Benson (76) Calverley.
Esther Lumby (72) Pudsey
Annie Stephenson, Pudsey
Fred Verity, Littlemoor.
Joseph Ward, Marsh.
Mrs Joseph Banks, Vine Terrace.
Robert Kendall Dawson,Co-operative Society local committee man.
Miss Mary Wade, Horsforth.
Mrs Irwin Brook, Farsley
Arthur Glover, Bradford, an old Pudsey man.
Mrs Alfred Clough, Liverpool, native of Stanningley.
John J. Illingworth (73) Chapeltown.
John Hainsworth, Old Road, Farsley.
John Newell, Manchester, native of Pudsey.
Mrs Benjamin Johnson, Littlemoor.
James Hargreaves (73) Farsley.
C. S. Nelson, a Fulneck worthy.
J. W. Crossley, formerly landlord of the Prospect Hotel.
Mrs Benjamin Hudson (63) Stanningley.
Mrs T Norton (71) Radcliffe Lane.
Joseph Brook, Fulneck.
Samuel Cryer, Pudsey.
Mrs Sarah Ann Gaunt, Lowtown.
Mrs Hannahretta Peate formerly of the Black Bull Hotel, Pudsey.
Mrs John Boyes, Pudsey.
Mary E. Craven, Fartown.
Mrs Hannah Cooper, at Cleethorpes, native of Pudsey.
Ernest Jones, Valley Road.
Francis Rogers, Stanningley.
Benjamin Fawcett, Horsforth octogenarian and well-known musician.
Henry Hinchcliffe, Albion Mill Yard.
Sam Taylor, School Street.
Charles Wilby (76), well-known Farsley United Methodist.
James B. Pickles, Wesley Row.
James Walker, Farsley.
Mrs Charles Parker of Morecambe, daughter of a former Mayor of Pudsey.
George Troughtom Armitage, Whixley, York, native of Pudsey.
Samuel Ramsden, Leeds, well-known in Pudsey Musical circles.
Mrs Ruth Threapleton, Longfield Terrace
Charles Wharfe (44) landlord of the Shamrock Hotel.
Richard Tate, Bramley, worked for 43 years for Messrs. John Halliday's.
Samuel Illingworth, Farsley.
Mrs Nancy Webster, at Saltburn, of Farsley.
Edward T. Jones, gardener for Mr & Mrs M. Walker.
Christopher Carter, Pudsey.
Mrs Annie Huggan, Crimbles.
Mrs Hannah Bedford, Waterloo Inn, in Leeds Infirmary.
Mrs Hannah Shuttleworth, Church Lane.
Miss Jane Roberts, worker at Hough End Church.
Mrs Martha Webster, Fulneck.
Miss Amelia Kellett, Calverley.
Joseph Kellett, Calverley.
Mrs Martha Rushworth, life member of Pudsey Congregational Church.
Mrs Harriet K. Threapleton, Congregational Church worker.
Fred Myers, at Scarboro, New Zealand representative for Mr W. G. Gaunt, wool merchant.
James Carter, Farsley.
Mrs Ellen Booth, Farsley.
Mrs Eliza A Marshall, Pudsey.
Harry Waller, Calverley.
Mrs Mary E. Richmond
Mrs Ann Fearnley (71) Pudsey.
Mrs James Holgate, Calverley.
Mrs Sophia Lumby, Pudsey.
William Milner, Pudsey, well-known Friendly Society secretary.
Mrs Hannah E. Hunt, Hillside Mount.
Mrs Joseph R. Barnes, Farsley.
John Nicholson, painter, guardian of the poor, ex-Town Councillor and Lay Reader.
John Elsworth, Lowtown Liberal Club worker.
Ted Slater, Intake Road, in Leeds Nursing Home.
George Sutcliffe, Pudsey.
Samuel Gambles, Pudsey.
Miss Sarah A. Harrison, Armley, formerly of the Crown & Anchor, Rodley.
David Bennett, Swinnow.
John L. Bolton, Lane End.
George Hargreaves, Farsley, grocer.
Herbert Croft, railway worker, Farsley.
William Barnes, Stanningley.
Thomas Cook, Bramley.
Joseph M. Peacock, Stanningley.
Mrs Hannah Pontefract (83) Stanningley's oldest resident.
James Keighley, Stanningley.
Jonathan Threapleton, Pudsey, who had lived in one house at Crimbles all his life.
Charles Cottam at Calverley Joint Hospital.
Mrs Catherine Dean (nee Latimer), Threshfield, native of Pudsey.
Mrs Emma Jackson (61) Green Top.
Mrs John Pearson, Lawrence, Mass. U.S.A., late of Farsley.
Jonathan Peate, Guiseley.