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Obituaries 1930


In this section are lists of obituaries that appeared in the Pudsey & Stanningley News. The lists appeared in the last issue of the year and contained names for whom obituaries had appeared in the newspaper that year, though possibly only a selection appears, rather than a comprehensive list.. Only a few years are currently available so far, but the list will be added to.

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Henry Harrison (97) Cleckheaton, native of Stanningley
Mary Alice Clegg (91) Nottingham, widow of a former G.E.R. agent at Pudsey
Joseph Lobley (91) Rodley, formerly secretary of the Airedale Mill Co
C. H. Stroud (90) Woodhall Hills
Mary Higgins (92) Pudsey
Alexander Strachan (94) Blackpool, formerly of Pudsey

William Arthur Thornhill (80) Stanningley
Jane Walker (80) Pudsey
George Scott (82) Horsforth
Marry Elizabeth Rollinson (82) Pudsey
Mary Ann Ringrose (81) Stanningley
Emma Walker (80) Pudsey
John Spikings (8*) Pudsey
William Pilgrim Wright (82) Horsforth
Samuel Tristram Ross (84) Tong, native of Pudsey
Emma Elizabeth Sowden (88) Pudsey
Jane Brogden (86) Horsforth
Ann Hutchinson (80) Horsforth
Mary Hannah Land (81) Farsley
Jane Padgett (81) Horsforth
Harriet Roberts (80) Horsforth
Alfred Clay (80) Pudsey
Ellen Webster (86) Thirsk, late of Farnley
Sarah Elizabeth Lawson (80) Horsforth
Sarah A. Hallam (83) Horsforth
Edwrad Pemberton (84) Horsforth
George Waite (81) Stanningley
Elizabeth Strachan (84) Blackpool, formerly of Pudsey
Mary Ann Brook (80) Farnley
Lucy H. Dean (80) Chingford, Essex, a former Pudsey draper
Thomas Booth (87) Pudsey
Martha Busfield (81) Rodley
James Thornton (81 Calverley
Nancy Glover (89) Pudsey
Elizabeth Jane Horner (82) Pudsey
Martha Ann Farrar (84) Rodley
Emma Wilks (83) Bramley
Mary Child (85) Ben Rhydding, native of Stanningley
Mary Vincent, Blackpool, native of Pudsey
Elizabeth Hollings (80) Farsley
Emma Stead (80) Horsforth
Jonathan Pratt (81) Worksop, native of Calverley
Benjamin Bennett (86) Pudsey, formerly of Rodley
Hannah Binks (80) Pudsey
Susannah Salmon (82) late of Horsforth
Sarah Spencer (81) Horsforth
Thomas Henry Clegg (82) Horsforth, a member of the Bramley Brass Band in the '70's
Edward Jennings (81) Stanningley
George Hare (87) an old soldier and a former Farsley postman
Elizabeth Horn (83) Bridlington, native of Farsley
Richard Rhodes (85) Calverley
Betty Schofield (84) Sydney, Australia, formerly of Stanningley
Moses Gaunt (88) well-known Armley Conservative
John Reaney (81) Horsforth
James Craven Sutcliffe (80) Farsley
Elizabeth Goodson (80) widow of Armley Guardian
Thomaas Naylor (86) Horsforth
Emma Wilkinson (81) Pudsey
Hannah Maria Womersley (81) Pudsey
Sarah Allen (89) Rodley
Jabez Bullough (86) Bramley
Mary Ellen Carter (80) Farsley
Thomas Whincup (81) Farsley
Richard Galloway, Greengates
Martha Hargreaves (86) Pudsey
Joshua Kelsey (82) Scarborough, formerly of Farsley
Hannah Stanhope (84) Calverley
Miss Sophia Pearson, Farsley

William Clark Watson (73) Horsforth, late of Farsley
Elizabeth Gaunt (70) Pudsey
John Hudson (77) late Pudsey Cemetery registrar
George Lovitt (77) Woodlands, Doncaster, caretaker of the Horsforth Conservative Club for 40 years
Ezra Foulds (73) Morecambe. formerly Pudsey Town Councillor
William Edmondson (78) Bramley
Annie Elizabeth Bannister, Bramley
Mary Rollinson, Bramley, formerly of Pudsey
William Beaumont (72) Pudsey
John Overend Berry (75) Honley, late of Bramley
William Lawson (71) Pudsey
Alfred Verity Sunderland (77) Bradford, native of Pudsey
Elizabeth Smith (78) Calverley
John Smith (79) Stanningley, 60 years with T. Smith's, Rodley
Charles Hepworth (77) Armley, native of Pudsey
Samuel Nicholls (71) Bramley
Bessy Hudson (75) Southport, formerly of Pudsey
Eli Jackson (70) Stanningley
Hannah Hinchliffe (72) Pudsey
Samuel Tiffany (70) Stanningley
Hannah French (71) Rodley
Sophia Ingham (75) Farnley
Lister Jones (71) Pudsey
Martha Verity (76) Pudsey, late of Bramley
Hannah Binns (72) Pudsey
Hannah Rayner (72) Pudsey
Elizabeth Bonner (72) Stanningley
Sarah Hainsworth (77) Farsley
Sarah Armitage (73) Rodley
Joseph Cudworth (78) Bramley
Alfred Hindle (70) Pudsey
John William Croft (70) N.J., U.S.A. native of Farsley
John William Hetherington (70) Stanningley
Elizabeth Tiffany (72) Bramley
Edward Middleton (72) an old Bramley railwayman
William Edward Leadbeater (75) Bramley
Austin Hayes (70) Bramley
Edward Wood (70) Horsforth
Henry Jones (77) Pudsey
Emily Verity (73) Pudsey
William Rawnsley Wilcock (73) Pudsey
Elizabeth Ann Cryer (79) Leeds, native of Pudsey
Hannah Sterriker, Pudsey
George William Whitaker (73) Bramley
Mary Ann Athorn (73) Stanningley
Mary Jackson (77) Pudsey
Rev. Owen Jones (70) Horsforth Wesleyan minister
Joseph Senior (71) Pudsey manufacturer
Mary Ann Sharp (70) Pudsey
Frances Jane Emsley (71) Rodley
Thomas johnson (70) Bramley. late of Stanningley
Squire Surcliffe (71) Pudsey
Walter Ellis (78) Bramley, a former Gildersome public man
Eliza Ann Keighley (76) Menston, native of Stanningley
John Thornton (71) Drighlington
Emma Keighley (74) Farsley
Walter Poulter (71) Stanningley
Mark Crawshaw (77) Farsley
James Newsome Walker (75) Horsforth
Sarah Ann Shaw (7*) Rodley
Ellen Read (75) Farsley
Sarah Nancy Clough (70) Bradford, formerly of Pudsey
William Eddison (70) a Pudsey musician
Christopher Mason Wood (73) Pudsey
Benjamin Bradley (73) Stanningley
Oliver Hesling (79) Bramley
Ripeth Thornton (74) Farnley
Thomas Thrippleton (74) Horsforth
Alfred Whitfield (75) Calverley
Amelia Wade (78) Baildon, native of Pudsey
Amelia Turner (75) Leicester, native of Pudsey
Mary Ann Whitley (74) Headingley, native of Farsley
Isaac Graver (75) Farsley
John Thornton (74) a Gildersome councillor
James Hemingway Thornton (70) Pudsey
J. Rathmell (78) Calverley
Robert Brown (77) Farsley
James Woodhead (70) Bradford, native of Pudsey
Joseph Taylor (70) Bramley
Elizabeth Ellis (70) Bramley
Muff Quarmby Rollinson, Bramley
Moses Osborne Grimshaw (74) Horsforth
Esther France (79) Bramley
Hannah Richardson (79) Gildersome
Arthur Richardson (78) Yeadon
Harry Garner (76) a Bramley sportsman
Samuel Heaton Elsworth (71) Meanwood, formerly of Farsley
Alfred Jones (76) Gildersome, native of Pudsey
Margaret Craven (70) Bramley
Joshua Mitchell (77) Pudsey
Martha Ellen Sayer (72) Stanningley
Fountaine Rhodes (77) Farsley
Samuel Dean Lobley (74) Farsley
Samuel Green (77) Farsley
William Lawrence (70) Bramley, late M.R. railway guard for 54 years
Eliza Hollings (79) Farsley
Joseph Hartley Robinson (70) Stanningley
Mary Ann Thompson (74) Pudsey
Hannah Gibson (70) Pudsey
Jane Ann Threapleton (74) Pudsey
Mary E. Fox (75) Stanningley
Louisa Tallant (75) Bramley
Mark Dawson (75) Horsforth conservative and old sportsman
Sarah Lazenby (78) Farsley
Jane Ann Teale (73) Rawdon
Sarah Leathley (72) Bramley
Martha Ann Worth, Wyther Park
Robert Blackburn (71) Pudsey butcher
Benjamin Myers (78) Stanningley
Catherine Barker (74) Pudsey
Elizabeth Turner (76) Farsley
Emma Bradshaw (77) Stanningley
Amelia Sharp (73) Stanningley
Elizabeth Parker (77) Pudsey
John James Parkin (73) Farsley
Rhoda Gaunt (78) Pudsey
Frank Jeffrey (74) Horsforth
James Seed (78) Stanningley
Elzabeth Asquith (75) Calverley
John Edward Barrett (77) Stanningley
John Cordingley (73) Pudsey
John Darnborough (79) member of the famous old Bramley Brass band
Ellen Gaunt (75) Pudsey
Margaret Womersley (75) Calverley
Sarah Hannah Fletcher Spencer (77) Stanningley
Sarah Jane Spinks (76) Horsforth
William Mann (78) Pudsey
Amelia Sowden (78) Farnley
Ellen Swallow (74) Pudsey
Sarah Pawson (73) Bramley
Elizabeth Ellen Moorhouse (75) Pudsey
John Parker (79) Pudsey, one of the divers at the Smalewell quarry drowning fatality * years ago
John Hustler (75) Rodley, old Rodley and Stanningley and Farsley Britannia cricketer
Hannah Wilcock, Pudsey
Joseph John Busfield (70) Farsley
William Knight (71) Bramley
George Softley (70) Rodley
Arthur Wilson, Horsforth
Martha Birks (70) Pudsey
Thomas Rider (79) Farsley, formerly Stanningley Wesleyan lay home missioner
Mary Milner (73) Stanningley
Isabella Ross (75) Pudsey
Susannah Barker (74) Bramley
Mary Ann Wilkinson, Bramley
Louisa Mary Forster, Leeds, formerly of Bramley

Emily May, Pudsey
John William Greaves, Calverley, former member of the District Council
Olive Lambert, Stanningley
Anne Naylor, Bradford, formerly of Pudsey
Sarah Ann Reece, Bramley
Mary Elizabeth Fox, Pudsey
James Shaw, Rodley
John Waite, Pudsey
Joseph Farrer, old Pudsey chorister
Jane Lee, Pudsey
Martha Butler, Bramley
Mildred Buchanan, Huddersfield, late of Farsley
Owen Hubson, Fulneck
Emily Ackroyd, Pudsey
Annie Bloom, Pudsey
Thomas Kilner, Pudsey
Florence Mitchell, Pudsey
Nellie Rout, Pudsey
Agnes Crowley, Pudsey
Henry procter, Bramley
James Walker, 28 years at Lowtown Post Office
Ellen Hustler, Stanningley
Mrs John Buck, Calverley
Jennie Bennett, Hull, native of Calverley
James Threapleton, Bishop Auckland, native of Pudsey
Alice Jane Wheelwright, Stanningley
Harry Bailey, Stanningley
Fanny Ellis, Bramley
Jane Webster, Pudsey
Margaret Milner and her married daughter Frances Mary Campbell, both died in the same week
Herbert Bateman, Farsley
John William Bungle, Pudsey
William Gledhill, Rodley
Ada Pitts, Pudsey
Robert Hislop, Farsley
Walter Pennington, Bramley
Annie Ackroyd, Pudsey
Edith Annie Atkinson, Bramley
Joseph Henry Bellhouse, Farsley
Thomas Will Ingham, Pudsey
James Naylor, a Bramley and Pudsey bowler
Charles Arthur Thackray, a young Bramley harrier
Esther Wilson, leader of the Bethany Pentecostal mission, Pudsey
Hemsworth Stead, Bramley
William Ambler, Toronto, late of Pudsey
George Alderson, Rodley
Clarissa Hargreaves, Pudsey
John Rutherford, Stanningley
Mary Ann Brittain, Bramley
Walter Crowther, Pudsey
Fred Fisher, a Horsforth cricketer
John W. B. Wilson, a Shipley schoolmaster, formerly of Pudsey
Isa Mary Williams, Farsley
Sarah Elizabeth Hudson, Bramley
Tom Hetherington, Bramley
Harold Ingliss Jackson, Pudsey
Ethel Rhodes, Pudsey
Ben Davison, Rodley
Fielding Taylor, late of Rodley
Willie Wade, Bramley
Joseph Whitfield, Horsforth
Ada Brayshaw Johnson, Pudsey
William Corneley, landlord Old Acorn, Bramley
Arthur Thorpe Halliday, Lowmoor, native of Pudsey
Clara Wilkinson, Leeds, wife of former Farsley schoolmaster
Emma Wilcock, Pudsey
Joseph Clapham Dalby, Pudsey
Fanny Birdsall, Bramley
William Wood, Farsley
Ernest Nussey, Pudsey
Albert Britton, Stanningley
Charles Mitchell, Rodley
Lister Horn, Harrogate, native of Horsforth
Albert H. Cole, Stanningley
Michael Elsworth, Bramley
William Kirkbride, Bramley
Mary Ann Moss, Shipley, native of Pudsey
Martha McCarthy, Pudsey, native of Liverpool
Elizabeth Tobin, Pudsey
Norman Hunton, a Bramley vocalist
Alfred Wray, Bramley
James Trickett, Bramley
Miles Strickland Read, a Horsforth builder
Harry Moore, Farsley
Leonard Terrill, Pudsey
John William Marshall, Farsley
Florrie Hutchinson, Pudsey
Mary Mills, Pudsey
Florence Elizabeth Roberts, Farsley
Frederick Tetlow, Pudsey
Harry Thornhill Pritchard, Stanningley
William Henry Cooper, Thornbury, native of Pudsey
George Samuel Naylor, Bramley
George Herbert Sheffield, Sheffield, native of Stanningley
Herbert Smith, Bramley
Ellen Stead, Calverley Bridge
Ann Verity, Farsley, native of Pudsey
Elizabeth Bussey, Horsforth
Ada Davy, Stanningley
Elizabeth Birdsall, Pudsey
George H. Driver, Pudsey
Charles Johnson, Farsley, former district councillor
Lawrence Marshall, Calverley
Harry Waterson, Farsley
Charles Boocock Dixon, Stanningley
Asa Livingstone Livesey, Pudsey
Joseph Swaine, Pudsey
William Hinchliffe Tidgwell, Farsley
James William Wilson, Pudsey
Henrietta Moorhouse, Pudsey
John Ernest Smith, Pudsey
John Strangwell, Stanningley
Ethel Pickering, Morley, formerly of Farsley
Sarah Jane Barnham, Bramley
Maria * Nicholson, Bramley
William Henry Sugden, Bramley
James Lawford, Pudsey
John Guild, Stanningley
Thomas W. Rodwall, Pudsey
William Birks, Blackpool, native of Pudsey
Charles Gill Frankland, Pudsey
Henry Hall, Pudsey
Sarah Ratcliffe, Pudsey
Elizabeth Worth, Rodley
Nancy Macness, Pudsey
Herbert L. Croft, Stanningley
Phyllis Dickinson, Bramley
Annie Waring, Singapore, native of Farsley
Sarah Jane Cantrill, Bramley, native of Pudsey
Sarah Brooke, Pudsey
Margaret Doris Fielding, Bramley
John Simon Schofield, Bramley
Arthur Sparling Clough, Pudsey
Alfred Edward Evans, ex-Town Clerk of Pudsey
Lilian Violet Waddington, Pudsey
Edwin Marshall, Stanningley
Gerald Clayton, Stanningley
Herbert Stephenson, Bramley
George W. Marsh, Pudsey
Frederick William Gaunt, Bramley
Pauline Carter, Rodley, native of Pudsey
Harry Fielding, Stanningley
Johnson Crowther Maude, Stanningley
Mary Alice Tolson, Bramley
Maria Lloyd, Calverley
Joshua Stephen Rawnsley, Bramley
Sydney Grimshaw, Calverley
Robert Arthur Holliday, at Port Said, a former coal owner and Gildersome District Councillor
John William Midgley, Bradford
George Arthur Scott, Stanningley
Arthur Stockwell, Stanningley
Thomas Edwin Thompson, Bramley
Sarah Ann Dyson, Horsforth
Joseph Craven, Pudsey
Arthur Claxton, Wisconsin, P.S.A., formerly of Pudsey
Hannah Hinchliffe, Pudsey
Maria Leathley, Bramley
James Booth Ramsden, Pudsey
James Pattison, Wallsend-on-Tyne, native of Pudsey
Amelia Ann Powell, Farsley
William Sumner, Pudsey
Adam Thornton, Pudsey
Emily Newton, Bramley
John William Chapman, Horton, late of Pudsey
Jemima Sherwood, Pudsey
Harry Spink, Scarborough, late of Pudsey
William Waddington, Horsforth
Fred Lee, Rodley
Grace Harriet Hainsworth, Farsley
John Mayhall, Horsforth
Thomas Mordey, Pudsey
Kate Meade, Stanningley
Horace Barnes, Bramley
Sylvester Hunt, a Bramley vocalist
Violet H. Gill, Pudsey]
Benjamin Turner, Bramley
Edith Young
Joseph Lamb, Stanningley
Henrietta Fenton, Pudsey
John Henry Hirst, Pudsey
Arthur Holdsworth, Pudsey
Ellen Johnson, Bramley
Arthur Mitchell, Caton, late of Pudsey
Arthur Lumby, Farsley
James Appleyard, Farsley
Thomas Herbert Brook, Farsley
Thomas Jackson, Stanningley
John Charles Wardell, Bramley
Benjamin Carlisle, Rodley
Elizabeth Painter Greenwood, Farsley
John Wilfred Holliday, Pudsey
James Alfred Taylor, Pudsey
Doris Mitchell, Rodley
Thomas Winn, Bramley
Flora Cliff, at Exeter, wife of Rev. F. G. Cliff, vicar of Noyland-with-Wissington, daughter of the late William Brown, Bramley
Mary Ellen Caygill, Stanningley
Dr. W. P Pinder, Horsforth
Hilda Schofield, Stanningley
George Jones, Rawdon, a former secretary of the Pudsey and District Chrysanthemum Society
Herbert Hargreaves, Stanningley
Jane Ridgway, Pudsey
Thomas Arthur Johnson, Stanningley
Watson Elliott, Bramley
Ted Calvert, Florida, late of Calverley
Ann Robbins, Farsley
Eliza Ann Watkinson, Bramley, native of Farnley
Robert Holdsworth, Aysgarth, native of Farsley
Ronakd Lodge, Pudsey
Lily Bunting, Pudsey
William Arthur Curtiss, Pudsey
Mary Ann Harkness, Pudsey
Frances Annie Merritt, New Zealand, native of Pudsey
David Snaith, Bradfod, a Farsley wheelwright
Louisa Frankland, Stanningley
Elizabeth Beecroft, Bramley, native of Calverley
Agnes Bradshaw, Pudsey
Thomas Farrer Harper, Pudsey
Frances Iszatt, Pudsey
Annie Thewlis, Bramley
Mary Verity, Pudsey
Ada Astin, Pudsey
George Cooper, Horsforth
Harold Henry Carr, Pudsey
Mary Foster, Pudsey
Nancy Langley, Pudsey
Herbert Wardman, Pudsey
Mary Emma Whitaker, Stanningley
Henry Buckle, Bramley
Martha Jane Emsley, Pudsey
Elizabeth Ann Greaves, Pudsey
Maria Strachan, Blackpool, formerly of Pudsey
Betty Walker, Bradford, native of Pudsey
Agnes Davison, Calverley
Fanny Richardson, Horsforth
Willie Tordoff, Tong, native of Pudsey
Ernest Standage, Pudsey
William Henry Gaunt, Pudsey
Mary Elizabeth Gornall, Stanningley
Crissy Lovett, Bramley
Miss Rennard, Calverley
William B. Harrison, Pudsey
Harry Dennis, Pudsey
Ethel May Hale, Liverpool
Harriet Ann Wilkinson, Pudsey
Charlotte Hutchinson, Stanningley
Joseph Rogers, Stanningley
Arthur Wilson, Farsley
Thomas Avery, Bramley
Lawrence Hainsworth, Blackpool, native of Horsforth
Elizabeth Hyland, Pudsey
Lily Raistrick, Pudsey
Mary Elizabeth Clayton, Bramley
Maud Storey, Stanningley
Amy Stanley, Farsley
Mary Carter, Farsley
Fanny Taylor, Pudsey
Edith Annie Thrippleton, Bristol, native of Pudsey
Martha Elizabeth Turner, Stanningley
Ernest Ellis, Saltburn, formerly of Farsley
Margaret Hannh Banks, Calverley
Emma Bennett, Bramley
Jackson Thomas, Bramley
Hetty Spenceley, Pudsey
Harold Pickersgill, Pudsey
Morris Gaunt, Pudsey
Samuel Johnson, Tong
Mary Wood, Farsley
Harold Sutcliffe, Birstall
David Keighley, Leeds, formerly of Stanningley
George Buckle, Bramley
Mary Annie Carter, Pudsey
Sarah Craven, Pudsey
Mary Ann Lister, Bramley